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Realistic smoke, steam or fog effects with alpha

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  • Realistic smoke, steam or fog effects with alpha

    Where can I get realistic smoke, steam or fog effects with alpha channel for Photoshop? I tried shutterstock, but its not the best site for this.

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    Re: Realistic smoke, steam or fog effects with alp

    Shoot it yourself? It can be a real thing, doesn't need to just look realistic .

    As for the steam or fog, you can easily achieve those by painting on a new layer in low opacity with a soft brush. Alternatively, shoot some clouds and use those.


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      Re: Realistic smoke, steam or fog effects with alp

      I have never seen anything realistic using just an alpha channel. If you want realistic, study the real thing first.


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        Re: Realistic smoke, steam or fog effects with alp

        Yeah, shoot it by yourself is the best way. Thats for sure, but sometimes you dont have the time, the oportunity or you just forget about it and later you will realize that (for example) little bit of steam above the soup would be nice.

        If I download some smoke on a black background and put it on a layer in screen mode, it looks pretty good, but the smoke is too strong. And if I want to lessen the effect by lowering the opacity of the layer, it allways looks fake. I figured out that the better way is to gradually brush it out with low opacity brush. Maybe you have other tips.


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          Re: Realistic smoke, steam or fog effects with alp

          You can also use brushes to create these effects. Scroll through this collection. You'll find Smoke, Mist, Clouds, and much more.

          The right brushes can be a quick, simple method to produce realistic effects. You should also search other collections.


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            Re: Realistic smoke, steam or fog effects with alp

            There is a Photoshop Brush Artist called "Ron's Brushes" He does really excellent smoke, mist and, steam brushes.

            Since they are brushes they can be put on a clear transparent layer (to avoid having to have an alpha channel with the effect to get the transparency correct) in your stack...that way they can be moved, sized, transformed or masked so that you can have the effects look anyway you artistically like.

            Google "Ron's Photoshop Brushes". They are relatively inexpensive...and they are of excellent technical and artistic quality.



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              Re: Realistic smoke, steam or fog effects with alp

              At there are 50 to 100 smoke images shot against a black background. It's relatively inexpensive to join or free to download smallish images.

              Hopefully this will help 0P. If not, then hopefully someone else.
              -- shift studio


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                Re: Realistic smoke, steam or fog effects with alp

                If you get a graphic solution that is white smoke on an opaque black background...then you will have to deal with getting rid of the blackness... and have to have that blackness turn into transparency... in order for the smoke alone to show up as intended. Sometimes the black backgrounds do not totally cut out and do not become totally clear. It may be necessary to use certain specific "Blending Modes" (Such as Darker Color for example) on each layer where you have smoke on opaque black. Use the down arrow keyboard rotate through all the Blending Modes and see which one looks best for you.

                You might also especially be able to use the " Blend If " sliders at the bottom of the Layer Styles Dialogue Box (Fx) to drop away the black and make it become clear. This Blend If method sometimes does an OK job of quickly cutting out whites and blacks and makes the other colors go transparent. Be sure you use the alt/option key to separate the sliders... so you get a smoother edge transition on the black and white transitions.

                The reason why I recommended "Rons Smoke and Mist Brushes" is that they are already "pure white smoke...on a clear background" to begin with...and you apply them over on top of an already clear transparent layer...SO... there is NO chance of the blackness ruining your smoky look.

                If you have Adobe After Effects you can use the "UnMult.Aex" plugin to totally and definitely Remove ONLY the blackness parts... and totally Retain ALL the whiteness parts of the Smoke or Mist. This UnMult kind of technology is how all of the big Hollywood studios remove the black backgrounds from their movie special effects.
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                  Re: Realistic smoke, steam or fog effects with alp

                  Here's a link to a massive collection of brushes -mostly Ron's (also known as deviney), along with more from other artists.


                  See Photo.
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                    Re: Realistic smoke, steam or fog effects with alp

                    And Yes... they are having a 40% off sale this week. That site always seems to have sales on great Photoshop Brush Sets... several times a year.

                    Ron Deviney's Brushes are so professionally done...I must have about 15 sets of his stuff already...I have never been disappointed in his quality.

                    He also has the nicest and most comprehensive set of water and splash brushes too. Im working on taking a models image I have... and converting it into a "Water Dress Image" ... that is... a models dress made up entirely of perfectly placed water splashes!!! I've always wanted to do that!



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                      Re: Realistic smoke, steam or fog effects with alp

                      Thanks. I will look into it


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