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  • Help me match model to background


    I have a model composited on a background. Any ideas on how to make the model blend in with the background?

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    Re: Help me match model to background

    Easiest way imo is to select the model (and ropes!) and match overall colour of background light and contrast. Also dull down the areas of the girls leathers including the edge/backlighting
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      Re: Help me match model to background

      This is a complex task and includes many steps.
      I can give you a general idea of the steps.
      1.mask out the model, and make the edges seamless by refining the mask, do the same for the hair, rope, clothes...
      Draw in some flyaway hair where the edges are too obvious.
      Now, on the model, start using curves, color balance, etc to match the overall tone/contrast/color of the backdrop.
      Once she sort of matches, start going into specific ares like, the skin, the clothes, the hair, and make local adjustments to make her "fit in".

      You are on the good start, maybe a bit less yellow? Start thinking about all the elements individually.


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        Re: Help me match model to background

        You need to make the model at least as dark as the back of the ship. Remove all strong hilites such as on shoes and leather. Restore the warmer colours (as per Tony's viz) around the edges only, allowing more light to creep in on the on the sundown side. Broadly speaking she will have a halo of warm light - tight on the form defining left edges and broader on the right. All the clues are in the seascape.


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          Re: Help me match model to background

          You could try to use "Match Color"
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            Re: Help me match model to background

            Originally posted by chillin View Post
            You could try to use "Match Color"
            Not if you're a pro.


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              Re: Help me match model to background

              Originally posted by skoobey View Post
              Not if you're a pro.
              I think pro can use selectively any tool


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                Re: Help me match model to background

                True, but that particular tool isn't suited for this particular situation. IMHO(it can be used, just there is so much else to do prior, that it sort of makes it an unnecessary step)
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                  Re: Help me match model to background

                  Colour is the least of the issues here: the op will need to sort out the shadow vs light bleed and bounce. Once that's resolved there shouldn't be much saturation in the shadows especially as she is wearing a B/W outfit. Naturally, if another light source in front of the model needs to be implied then all the above only partially applies.


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                    Re: Help me match model to background

                    I would add a saturation map layer above to first match saturation and then a "help" layer blended to luminosity to show the true colors in the subject - that way you can see the prominent colors being used and then blend accordingly.


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