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    I have been having a great deal of difficulty using the new Select and Mask tool. When I am masking hair for example I am not able to pick stray strands like I used to with the Refine Edge tool, even when using a grey background. Is anyone else having a problem like this, and if yes, have you figured out a solution?

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    Re: Select and Mask Tool

    Maybe this article will help:


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      Re: Select and Mask Tool

      Thank you


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        Re: Select and Mask Tool

        Remember that the pixels which represent fine hairs also take some influence from the background. At best you can grab the hairs without a lot of fringing, but you will still typically require some amount of color correction to match the new background.

        I think it's easier to use the paintbrush tool and quickmask for this than refine edge, but you have to be reasonably dexterous with the tablet. Start off by drawing random shapes, especially circles. If you can do stuff like that smoothly, you won't have too much trouble following the outline of hairs.


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          Re: Select and Mask Tool

          I guess this tutorial can help you on this


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