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Replacing the ground underneath?

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  • Replacing the ground underneath?

    For privacy reasons I cannot post the actual photo here. But I am trying my best by posting images which, I believe, might share a similar set of concepts if we have to replace the path/road.

    How would I go about replacing the path or a road where the person is walking?

    I am very very new to compositing. And I am practicing with random images. I think I have had some proper practice with replacing a sky. I am now practicing the art of replacing the ground beneath. I am pretty sure it would require very basic skills but all I am getting at is a bland ground which looks like I just pasted it under everything it has above.

    Basically what I have done till now is, using the pen tool to delete the ground. And then put a new ground/road as a layer under that cutout. So the ground shows. I also have a person standing on the original photo, so the extraction was quite tedious with the pen tool. At some point I just gave up using the pen tool and used the quick selection tool and thought of painting back some near by texture on the borders to hide the ugly cut out edges. I am really not sure how to go about it.

    Also, let's say, I do manage to put some new road or ground underneath. How do I actually make it look realistic? Would it be using dodge and burn and a color balance layer? Because even after doing all those, it looks kind of flat and bland, if I have to put it nicely.

    Image 1

    On the above image, let's assume we have to replace the concrete pathway with some sort of a grassy route

    Image 2

    Let's say, in the above image, we have to use a grassy route for the concrete patch path where the monks are walking.

    Also: Would you guys please point me at the right direction about how to practice this sort of thing? All I am doing now is watching Youtube to learn compositing basics and then trying to use those concepts in my own images. Sky replacements have gone well and everyone just asks me how do I go to such places with so beautiful skies haha. But I would like to learn more and try to do a lot of things to my pics. I have the time and I am ready to learn.

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    Re: Replacing the ground underneath?

    Images need to be of similar perspective/angle. These two don't mix well. I use pen tool a lot, it's not tedious when you get used to it.


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      Re: Replacing the ground underneath?

      Yup, I am using perspective lines to scale/distort the newer image underneath the cutout. But I am not sure what to do next. I have been trying to use dodge/burn/color balance/hue/sat all kinds of stuff but I am still ending up with a very bland and boring replacement which definitely looks awful


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        Re: Replacing the ground underneath?

        Both images seem a bit alike in angle of view. Select the monks and the pathway with the lasso tool and drag it to the photo of the couple. Adjust the size and use layer mask to remove some of the unnecessary areas