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How to correctly size model

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  • How to correctly size model


    I am working on a composite of a female warrior in a forest. How can I size her correctly? Any other suggestions on how to improve the composite are also appreciated.

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    Re: How to correctly size model

    This has been briefly touched upon in another post

    Just remember you the viewer (camera) will see the horizon at your current eye level regardless of standing, sitting or being up a 10 foot ladder!

    So for this image the appearance is that you are viewing the female from a low position or she is particularly tall. I would suggest the hidden horizon line could be around the area where the sword grip and hand form a 'v' shape


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      I luv the intention in the image, I am newbie but feel it needs a little bit of drama


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        Hi r
        Many moons ago on RetouchPro I saw a post by someone who made reference to a Deviant Art post Kiola who referred to a sheet prepared by James Pray back in 2010 titled Placing figures in perspective. Try copying this link below to get to it. I would also add Steve Chaplin has done quite a few videos on RetouchPro which have lots of useful information as do his books.