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Paint Shop Pro PSP - Layer mask?

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  • Paint Shop Pro PSP - Layer mask?

    Does PSP have the functional equivalent of Photoshop's layer mask? If so, I suspect Jasc calls it something other than layer mask: What?


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    Danny, there should be a mask icon (pic of a facial mask) and there should be an extension to the layer palette to the right with more masking options. These do not seem intuitive.

    There should also be a mask menu towards the right with all the various masking options.

    Stephen Marsh.


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      Since I don't use Photoshop, I can't answer the comparitive question, but the beta for version 8 of PSP now has mask layers.



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        Layer Masks PSP

        Hi Danny, I only have PSP 5.0, but if you go to the help file they do have a section on masks. I rarely use them since I use PS lately but I'm fairly sure I have seen them there. Hope this helps a little.
        Blind Willie


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          Danny, as Stephen said it is there and it's not intuitive to use Once you've created the mask you need to invert it (to see it) and tell PSP that you're wanting to edit it. Then it works pretty much the same as PS.

          Unfortunately, you can't add a layer mask to an adjustment layer.

          There are ways to use the PSP mask so that it acts like PS's quick mask, but I've never gotten that to work satisfatorily.


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            Thanks to all for your comments / suggestions. It all helps.



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