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Displacement maps ....

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  • Displacement maps ....

    Never have worked with these before......

    This was the tutorial that I sorta of followed........ used his great map- rock.

    Will show two of my finished examples......
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    Actually this was the first to appear....
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      Goldcoin -- interesting examples of a lesser used (at least by me) filter. I've used it to make a flag look like it was blowing in the wind, and followed a tutorial to do that. I've played with the filter a bit, but have loads more to learn about it and when to use it. I'll add the tutorial you linked to my list of goodies to read.


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        C J .......

        This site has also quite a few hidden actions. If you go to the beginning of his tut..... he has 4 headings, under most of the tut is offered an action.


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          With Goo and Liquify there is less need for dispmaps now - but sometimes you just can't beat displacement maps. There are many tricks to dispmapping - with some good info to be found in these links:

          Hope this helps,

          Stephen Marsh.


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