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    Hi, I like to use both Photoshop 6 and Corel Photo Paint for colouring black and white images. However I prefer to use Corel Photo Paint as there is a handy little tool just called a brush, it is found on the tools palate along with all the other selection tools. you can push the pixels into the outer edges of your selection if the selction tool that you have used hasn't picked them all up, as can quite often happen with black and white images. I hope I am making sense, what I want to know is, is there anything like this in Photoshop 6 as I can't find it. I know that you can use the + and - signs to push in or pull out the pixels in a selction but this is much more time consuming....Thanks in advance Val...

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    There's the "Quick Mask" feature - make a rough selection, then click on the Quick Mask icon at the bottom of the toolbar and you can use any of the normal tools and filters (including brush) to affect your selection. When you're done click on the "Quick Mask off" button to continue...


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      Thanks for your fast answer Leah, I have just tried this and I have nearly got it working but all I can seem to do at the moment is add to the selection, in other words with the quick mask on , when I apply the paintbrush it fills in the mask, how can I get it to rub some off, if you see what I mean......There is no + or - available using the paintbrush....Thanks Val


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        Once in Quick Mask mode it works like a layer mask - so paint with white to add to the selection, paint with black to remove areas from the selection...


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