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Collage elements


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  • Collage elements

    I'm using CS3.
    1. Is the wall of lights layer right behind Senior boy photo? So the 2 little kid photos are behind the wall of lights layer?

    2. What's the best way to blend/make the colors of all the pictures come together?
    3. Is that a screen/lighten overlay that makes the whole thing whitish?

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    Lights show through one of the kids, so behind him.

    Try duping and flattening your entire image, then apply Average blur. You'll end up with a solid color that combines all the colors in the image. Try different blend modes and opacitys.

    To me that looks like a blurred image layer (I prefer dust and scratches on full), then screened over. A popular wedding effect.
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      Thanks. I'll try that. For now, I'm having trouble blending the edges of the photos.