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Creating Two Vintage Effects

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  • shaikh
    Focus Stacking side effects
    by shaikh
    Need help with my PP , every time I do focus stacking I get these kind of white patches at 100% zoom

    This is what I do for stacking two images in different layer align them blend

    07-12-2012, 06:22 AM
  • tha king
    How can i create this effects?
    by tha king
    I want to learn how to do this effects. Anyone know of a tutorial?...
    01-28-2007, 01:32 AM
  • ahkit81
    help needed on how to edit a picture
    by ahkit81
    hi there~

    been trying to reproduce the color as closely as the picture i attached here. But fail to do so.

    can anyone help me or guide me on how to get such picture style?...
    05-20-2009, 03:44 AM
  • pure
    how to: line effects from vintage 80th pc-screens?
    by pure

    i would like to realistically reproduce the typical cathode-ray line-raster-effects, old 70ies and 80ies computer screens used to have. formerly i had the free plugin "retroscan", which was kind of authentic, but it wont work anymore with CS3 (its from 1996)

    11-05-2007, 08:35 AM
  • Nanls
    Help needed making plastic...yikes
    by Nanls
    Here is the problem. I am working on a new line of soft goods. One is a laptop bag. After the prototype was shot those in charge decided that the inside of the bag needed to be clear so you can see most of the laptop (except for the corners that tuck into the bag) . I can't post the image here due to...
    08-24-2008, 01:07 PM