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    I have some photos I took over 15 years ago that I "scanned" and saved into a "pdf" format. At the time I had no idea what I was doing, nor do I at this time. I would like to crop each photo and save it as a complete photo in the correct format. There are on average 3 photos per page, but when I tried to attach one of the pages, it failed, I'm guessing because it's trying to download the whole pdf file or an incompatible format...but then I ain't no genius.
    Again, I thought I could just crop each photo separately and save it as an individual photo.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and I apologise if I posted in the wrong forum, please advise if so by pm.

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    It kind of depends on the program that made the PDF. Try opening the PDF in a photo editor (Photoshop, etc.). It will be treated as a photo, not as a document. Then you can crop, whatever.

    You can also extract the images using techniques such as these
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