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High and Unshap Mask are not enough.

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  • High and Unshap Mask are not enough.

    When a photo is blurry and High Pass and Unsharp Mask just don't solve the problem; what other methods of sharpening are there?

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    Reshoot the photo with proper focus?

    Sorry, the devil made me say that.



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      One technique with unsharp mask for really blurry images is to use an amount of about 25 and a radius of 250, it groups the large objects instead of the small detail. This will raise the overall contrast of the image, so it can make sense to first lower the contrast, then run this unsharp mask more than once... when I desperate I try anything ....


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        Focus Magic works on some pictures. It has a brief trial period if you want to try it.

        Focus Magic is software that uses advanced forensic strength deconvolution technology to literally “undo” blur, recovering lost detail from images/photos.

        Or, you could post and example here and we could see what you are talking about.


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          First I would like to apologize to everyone for leaving this topic hanging in the air like this. However, I just received my first assignment.

          Unfortunately, it is not a paying one but I'm OK with that. I really need the experience. The person gave me several photos to restore and crop. In addition to that I am to cut certain people out of the picture. That last one is the hard part for me. It shouldn't be a problem because I have KnockOut 2; however, I do not know how to use it yet.

          Meanwhile, I am in the process of purchasing a book and two programs, which has also occupied my time. I am trying to get my hands on a book that Flora has recommended, and I am trying to make arrangements to purchase Neat Image which is a plug-in that members of this forum has recommended to me. The planning involved is mostly in planning the trip. I live in the country, and I have to go to Houston to get the book. I have to go to another town to get the money order, etc., etc., etc.. Meanwhile, we are a one car family, with two family members that always have plans that conflicts with each others schedule. There is a lot of work at making arrangements to pull all of this off on payday.

          In responce to the photo I have decided to scratch it. Everything in it can be sharpened with the exception of one subject. There is another subject in the picture that looks fake, and sharpening it does not make it look real. Maybe in the future when my restoration skills are more sophisticated. Meanwhile, I have many family photos in bad condition that are restorable, without complications.

          I just want to thank everyone for their participation in this topic and I am so sorry that I haven't I left you all hanging for as long as I have. Please forgive me.


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            Here's some info on this subject,


            And here,

            Convolution Corner - Custom Filter


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              One other thing, that's over using your blend-if sliders for target sharpening as well. Make a dupe layer above your original. Then use blending options on that dupe layer......
              And sharpening the lightest channel can help as well. Let's say, red in rgb, or cyan,black in cmy, for faces. Looking into your channels helps to identify the lighest and darkest well as other problems..........such as noise,artifacting, if that channel has enough of contrast, detail, that kind of thing.


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                Jak has a tutorial on "psuedo-sharpening" over in the Tutorials section that can help in otherwise unsalvageble circumstances.
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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                  Thanks for the additional information on sharpening. I didn't even know that you could do it that way. That is cool.

                  However, about the blend it options for sharpening. How is that done? I didn't know about that as a sharpening method either.

                  I got that book that I mentioned, and it turned out that I was using High Pass all wrong. I also learned how to sharpen a photo using the Emboss filter.

                  However, nothing I use solves the main problem in the photo and that is the face. The blurr problem is the result of motion blurr. Everything else in the photo sharpens except the face. Don't get me wrong it improves greatly, but the lips look fatter and the eyes look real spooky. From the looks of it I think I will have to paint the eyes back in. However, the lips I can't salvage. The first photo that I attempted to fix before the book (that is the reason I had posted this topic), was not even responding. The image sharpend but my brother who was in the picture would not sharpen (he never would do what you tell him to do). Again, it was another motion blurr problem.

                  Doug Nelson,

                  What is the name of that tutorial you mentioned? I looked for a tutorial that was titled psuedo-shapening, however, I never did find that.


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                    Sorry Jimmy,

                    To reply, the message back to you (late) as I changed ISP providers.
                    As I can somewhat understand your motion blur problem. About the blend-if sliders is located in blending options..........Layer>layer styles>blending options..........there are short cut methods (key board) as well. You can find information on using blending options help from Adobe on-line help, if not here. In short ........blend-if sliders control what pixels the top and bottom layer show in the final image. The whole key here is 'control". Control freaks love this option. This is a method.......I feel its overlooked. Even though its an advanced method. Very.........Very.....Powerful. But like any powerful thing ( remembering David and Golaith).The drawback is....its slower to edit, if time is against you for doing corrections. Vs. Automated methods (shorter methods).


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                      Here is Jak's tutorial
                      Learn by teaching
                      Take responsibility for learning


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