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  • Displacement map

    Can somebody provide a good tutorial for doing displacement maps? I want to apply a texture or image to another image and have it wrap to the image as if it were meant to be part of.

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    Here are a few: (scroll down to find tutorial)

    If you do a search on Google, you'll come up with a lot of these.


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      Scroll down to the disp. map section.

      Liqify or Goo are also good for more simple distortions.

      Perhaps try 1/4 pixel dimension working files for speed, then scale up the displacement effect settings when you do the filtering on the full size image.


      Stephen Marsh.


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        Thanks Vikki and Stephen
        I did Google "displacement maps" and wasn't happy with the findings. I posted here hoping to get a better tutorial. I really like the Russell Brown tut's. I watched one on water drops and he had me grinning through the whole thing. These are the type of tut's that I like. A hands on tut but usually to get these you have to buy a cd. Still, having to buy is fine as the info is sooo valuable. If not using a cd the tut's I like to use should at least have screen shots of the photoshop manu's and pallets. Russell Brown provides both.
        Thanks again.



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          Hi Colin, thanks - don't overlook the Apple and Gurus Network links either. Most only go into single channel disp maps - the Apple one goes into using channel content from two channels for even more control.

          Stephen Marsh.


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            Thanks Stephen. You can bet those will also be getting some of my attention. I don't throw too much away. Whenever links are posted I bookmark them right away.