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using manetic lassoo tool

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  • using manetic lassoo tool

    when i use the magnetic lasoo tool to cut something out, and i have the picture enlarged, how can i move the picture around,without deselecting my lasoo ?

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    Try holding the spacebar down.
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      lasoo tool

      Many thanks doug. I could not find this in the book.



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        Sometimes I like to save my selection in case I feel like going back to it again later for some reason. You can do this by choosing 'Save Selection' from the Select menu and giving it a name. Then if you want to use it again simply choose 'Load Selection' and choose it from the dialog box. I'm not sure how many selections you can save per file.....I've never saved more than one I think.



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          saving selection

          Thanks Deb for that usefull piece of information, i shall give that a try.


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