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    How do you create quick masks in Photoshop Elements? The Help guide says that it does not support this feature, but I am confident someone has figured out the workaround on this.



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    Hello, Brenda:

    Welcome to RetouchPRO.

    As I understand it Elements does not have built-in Quick Mode, but there are workarounds:

    See here for one option.

    Also check out Hidden Secrets of Photoshop Elements ( for another method.

    Hope this helps.



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      Quickmask in Photoshop Elements

      1. Copy Layer you wish to mask. Apply filter or whatever it is you wish to mask.
      2. Create New Layer, and move it below the copied layer.Name it Mask Layer.
      3. Click on copied layer.
      4. Click Layer - Group with previous.
      5. Copied layer will now only be visible where there are pixels on Mask Layer. So to reveal image, paint on Mask Layer, its a Quickmask in reverse.

      To feather mask, vary opacity of paintbrush.

      Hope this helps. Gary.
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