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Frustration of adding an image

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  • Frustration of adding an image

    This is the third attempt to start a thread. The other two were rather long winded and all the message went away [2X] as I tried to figure the method to add an image. Click on the manage attachments and you get a screen blink, drag and drop and everything is gone-- a blank post new thread screen!

    I read the thread on resizing but all I got there were instructions on Save for Web. How does one place an image into a post or at least where are the instructions. My fingers are tired and I don't want to write the post more than one more time. Thanks

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    Sorry you're having problems. Here's a step-by-step I just wrote up. See if this works for you:

    1. Start a thread or reply to one.

    2. Click the Manage Attachments button.

    3. In the Choose file dialog, browse to the image to be uploaded.

    4. In the Choose file dialog, click on the file name (to select it).

    5. In the Choose file dialog, click on the Open button.

    6. Back in the Manage Attachments dialog, click the Upload Button.

    7. In the Manage Attachments dialog, wait for he "Uploading File(s) - Please Wait" message to turn off.

    8. When it does click the Close this Window button.

    That ought to do it...



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      Thx Danny-

      Do you ever sleep? If I can tytpe you are there to answer. Thank you

      I followed the instructions and started with clicking on manage attachments- the screen blinks. I tried turning off -add/subtract, Norton av, even spy-bot... any guesses?

      I am sure, just as the post that I tried and so misserably failed, the challange is something really obvious I'm doing or not but I'm stumped.

      robert Collins


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        Sleep? What's that? (LOL)

        I'm not very savvy when it comes to this security stuff, but I'll give you my 2¢ FWIW...

        Since you tried disabling your antivirus and that didn't help, it sounds like your browser has a security setting that may be blocking / disabling the process. At the moment I can't venture to guess which one(s).

        Are you using Internet Explorer?


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          Actually, I have the same problem as Robert. Where do you go to start a new thread? I can spend hours trying to figure this out myself.



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            RE: How to start a new thread...

            Pic worth 1K words.

            See BLUE text. Does this help?
            Attached Files


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              Attachments are managed via a popup, so if you have a popup blocker installed (or if your browser does it automatically) it will close as soon as it opens (or never open at all). Make sure RP is listed as a friendly site with all your popup stopper software, including your browser.
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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                I haven't even looked but when I do I know it is GOOGLE tool bar POP UP BLOCKER! Why didn't I think of that?

                I find my self being really stupid when I come to the few sites like this one where I find such wonderful people, why would my security do such unmentionables to me?

                Now to find out how to block the blocker!


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                  Blue note

                  Danny's Blue Note tells the story,but only part.

                  The folks that are really keen on this stuff have already learned what to disable [as I have learned on some sites not related to this] so that you can work with them. We can't walk in and know what has taken them what may seem forever to learn but; here they are willing to help us shortcut their learning curve. Don't you think we should be thankful.

                  Now I'll go see if it really is google other wise I'll be back wine-ing [didnot know how to spell].


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                    FWIW, I have the google pop-up blocker too and haven't had a problem on this site. I don't have any firewall software - just a hardware firewall in my network router.

                    Wish I had more helpful advice.



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                      Well I managed to turn off google

                      and that maybe what did it but I have now posted my question. Let's see if any one has a stupendus answer. I'll bet they DO!

                      Robert Collins

                      Thanks to every one who has tried and therefore helped in the solution.


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                        "Jeanie" ........ I love Goggle as far as a search engine. It ends there, to much spyware in thier options. The FREE "ZoneAlarm" firewall is the BEST!!! I totally got rid of my Norton software and let ZoneAlarm take over. It has been over a year now and my PC is running flawless. At this piont in time I know more about PC Security than PhotoShop7! But I am making Leaps and Bounds here!!!! Other programs I run at Start Up are ... Cookie Wall, Scotty, and AVG. Thanks ........ gotta keep that PC running


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                          Thanks for the warning on google spyware tubeamp!


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                            The Spyware is only loaded if you select "use advanced options " on install of Google Toolbar. If you do not choose this option, the pop up blocker is still installed, but not the spyware.


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