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Question about masks.

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  • Question about masks.

    Hi all...

    I have looked around here and the web. I have only recently been learning to use masks.

    I got the impression that in Quick mask mode I should be using an airbrush so as not to have the outline to sharp. When I outline the area I need and fill with the paint bucket I get lines where the two tools join.

    I thought that it must be because of the transparent edges of the brush so I've tried to use solid brushes but still get lines of various transparency. I've gotten into the habit of going around the area and painting them out but don't always catch everything. Then when I use the mask and go on to working with the image I find the mistake too late to do a good repair on it.

    Anyone know what I am doing wrong or is this just the way it is?


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    Hi Kent,
    There is a very good tutorial in the tutorial section that i use all the time, "Coloring B&W Images". Check it out.
    Myself i never use the airbrush tool for this, i always use the paintbrush tool and switch back and forth between a soft and hard edge brush as needed.
    Hope this helps, if not let me know. Like Flora says, "there is more than one way to do things in Photoshop".
    W. Rose (Wayne)


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      Hi Kent,

      You could try making your selection/creating your mask using one of the channels like I described in my tutorial....


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        The other thing is to zoom right in when you're working on the edges of the mask so that you can see exactly what you're including and excluding.

        Also, instead of using Quick Mask you could make your adjustments on a new layer and add a layer mask to that. That way it's easier to judge whether you're masking the right bits as you go along.

        What kind of brush or tool you use on the mask depends on the type of effect you're after (which I know isn't particularly helpful). I've even zoomed right in and used the Pencil tool a few times.


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