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How Do I Add My Selection to A Layer Mask?

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  • How Do I Add My Selection to A Layer Mask?

    I know how to paint in the Layer Mask to make a mask, but say I use the Lasso or Magic Wand or Color Range to make a selection. How can I transfer that to my Layer Mask?

    I'm in PS 7.


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    Make your selection, then click on the layer mask to activate it, then use the Paint Bucket Tool to fill the selection with black or white in the layer mask.

    Or you can do it by making the selection, then using Load Selection to Add the layer mask to the selection, then discarding the layer mask, then adding a new Reveal Selection layer mask, but that's more time-consuming.

    Edit: I was assuming you had a layer mask with some bits masked already. If you just want to convert a selection to a layer mask then Gary has described it very well below.
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      Select the layer you wish to mask.
      1st make your selection.
      Open layers palette and click on Add layer mask symbol (2nd from left at bottom of palette).
      This will add the layer mask with your selection in black (ie masked).

      Note: you cannot add a layer mask to the background layer.

      If you wish to mask an adjustment layer, 1st make your selection, then click on Add Adjustment Layer followed by type of layer(eg Curves) you will find that the adjustment layer comes with a layer mask attatched that will be masked as per your selection.


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        when U give a mask to a layer U get a new channel switch to channels and make the mask channel to visible set it to work on and do anything as usual, sometimes i can't recognize if i'm working on the mask or not it depends on how large the monitor, its better then undos. Have fun



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          saby -- you can also Alt-click on the mask to display that rather than the image, if that helps.


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            thank U Leah I didn't know this shortcut but what i tried to tell if i can see the mask and RGB channels too, and i'm working on the maskchannel when i make selection, that will on the mask channel immediately. sorry about my English
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              Thanks, folks! I thnk the mistake I was making was adding a layer mask, then making a selection, then trying to make my selection a layer mask, but it wouldn't work. Add Selection to Layer Mask and all it's variations just wouldn't work.

              Thanks. I knew it was something simple!


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