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Selection using quick mask - brush settings

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  • Selection using quick mask - brush settings

    HI all,

    I am starting to experiment with masking using the quick mask view to make selections e.g to remove objects from a picture or for selection for modification but i am finding that at the edges of my selection once i have eg done a cut appear feathered and graduated to transparent. Now i don't know if i've made a wrong setting choice for the process or need to use a specific brush setting to get a nice clean selection instead of this 'fuzzyness'.
    If there is a clear edge to the part of the image i want to select what brush setting would give me the best result (assuming a steady hand of course ).

    Sorry this is garbled but it's late at night now..

    thanks in advance,


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    I'm not sure if this would help but just over the Zoom tool in the Extract dialogue box are 2 tools. When you are in Preview mode, one will paint back, the other seems to reduce non essential blobs,dust,etc and seems to tighten things up.



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      Originally posted by Nacoya
      [how to make] nice clean selection instead of this 'fuzzyness'.
      A couple things to look for:
      * Be sure brush opacity = 100
      * You are using true black (no other color)
      * Use hard (not soft) edged brushes, for example Hard Round 9


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        As a quick way to adjust brush hardness, use Shift] to increase brush hardness, or Shift[ to decrease hardness (there are only 4 settings using this quick method, but its usually enough).

        Also, use ] to increase brush size, and [ to decrease it.


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          If you want an absolute hard edge and extreme control, use the pen tool.


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            Thanks folks ..

            A few things to try there. I'll see if i can get the right combination of them all.
            I'm going to work on an image my friend took with his D70 last weekend 'cause i think it's fab for 'playing' with. Will post a pic shortly once i get the selection right.