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  • Basic Actions question

    I saw lots of threads for types of actions, but not the basic info I'm looking for. I've never used actions before...

    If I want to load a pre-made action, it's just as simple as clicking on load action in the actions pop out menu, then I select the action from wherever it's stored on my computer? Do I have to turn OFF Button Mode to do this or is that just when you're making an action? Anything else??

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Inskip !

    I am rather new at using this resource too, but one thing you should do is dwload the action or the zip to:.... Archivos de programa\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Presets\Photoshop Actions folder.
    Then open Photoshop and in the "Actions" tab click the little arrow/triangle on top of that tab; in the pop up menu select "load actions" you will have a dialog box to chose the path where the new action is installed.

    Once that is done you go back to the image where you want to apply the action --I think you need to select it. Then go to the actions tab again and roll down till you find the newly added action, select it and then use the play button at the bottom of the tab. And voil√° your action is applied.

    As everything it takes some practicing first, and obviously, work on a copy of your file in case everything goes wrong or the action is no good for what you want

    Hope it helps ?

    Good luck !! - Martha


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      THANK YOU! That's what I was wondering about.

      To add to this info, I believe, and maybe someone else can clarify, that I read if you put the Actions in the folder you should have them in a backup location because they will be overwritten with the default Photoshop actions when it is reloaded.

      BUT, I don't fully understand what this means aside from saving them in a back up location???


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        I am glad I answered the main question.
        I don't think they get overwritten on reloading, as I have several actions other than the default and are not replaced on reloading the program. What I think you have to watch out for is in case you make a wrong selection in the drop down menu and perhaps accidentally clear (for ever) all extra actions, either imported or created by you !! So I guess it is a good idea to keep the extra actions in a back up folder.


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          If you save an .atn file in

          \Photoshop CS\Presets\Photoshop Actions

 can bypass the Load Actions... command and just click on the filename at the bottom of the Actions Palette menu. This only works if the .atn file is in the folder above. If it's in any other folder, you must engage the Load Actions... command.

          The suggestion to save .atn files "somewhere else" besides the folder above is sound advice. If you happen to uninstall/reinstall Photoshop -- something that is sometimes necessary to fix difficult problems -- you would indeed lose any custom .atn files saved in the folder above.

          * Replace actions... - gives you the option to (literally) replace all actions in the Actions Palette or append an .atn file to what's already there.
          * Clear actions... - does just that. It erases the Actions Palette and there's no "undo."

          If you visit you'll find an exceptionally comprehensive tutorial on actions.

          Hope this helps...



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