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Save unfinish photo as Jpeg or Tiff

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  • Save unfinish photo as Jpeg or Tiff

    I would like to know if the picture you are restoring is a Jpeg and you restore part of the picture, do you save the unfinish photo as a Jpeg or Tiff.

    Gerald McClaren

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    Never, ever save unfinished images in jpeg!!!!



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      Originally posted by Frode
      Never, ever save unfinished images in jpeg!!!!Frode

      Never, ever save finished images in jpeg!!!!

      Jpeg only serves for exchanging images around the net or for low quality snapshots. If your client requires jpeg then send it, but keep your original TIFF.
      While restoring, if you are using PS and supposing that you are using layers, just save as PSD.

      Never, ever save unfinished images in jpeg!!!!
      Never, ever save finished images in jpeg!!!!


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        I use JPEG's ONLY as a "final" reference file. I store all my work as a layered TIFF (I use ZIP compression - it's loss-less and uses about the same memory as a PSD). The thing to remember about JPEGs is that they work by compressing the picture and throwing data away. Essentially what they do is this: an 8X8 group of pixels are surveyed and the "average color" is determined. Then, each pixel in that group is defined by it's difference from that average. However, to save space, JPEGS try to pull pixels that are very different "closer", thereby reducing the distance from average a little. Then it analyzes the next 8X8, and so on. Every time you save, close, open, and save a JPEG, it does this, throwing away a little more data each time. This is what causes artifacts with multiple saves. The details blur together, but only in these boxes, resulting in the appearance of a digitized image. You should only save an image as a JPEG once, unless it is unavoidable.

        I hope this helps without seeming too didactic.


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