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  • Original image

    This is the original image.
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    Retouched image

    After a lot of help with the noise I came up with this fix. The first step was to remove the background. After that I applied a watercolor plugin and pasted it to the cloth background I downloaded from this site. The image at that point was very harsh, so I copied the background and pasted it over the image, did a screen blend and put the opacity at 20%. Not a perfect fix, but for me a keepsake.

    This is a photo of me and my granddaughter. One of the few I have of us together. I am usually behind the camera.
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      You've done a fantastic job here ... Wow, I'm impressed! And what a lovely photo it is too.

      Did you do this in PhotoShop?



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        Reply to Sam

        Thanks, Sam. I used Photoshop 6. I have to admit this was a tough one, but I am learning.



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          Looks like it was taken in a studio. Beautiful.


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            You did a nice job. That really was a tough one.
            I thought I'd try a technique that I like for this type of photo. It's quite different, but another alternative when you get a dark, noisy photo.
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              Nice Job

              Hi Lg,

              A very nice job of taking a dark so-so photo and making something truely beautiful from it.

              Don't you just love it when you can do that? It really is gratifying and that's what makes you keep going in this work.

              Again, nice nice job!


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                Wow, that's fantastic! Love the subtle wallpaper type background.


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                  Lynda - you really created a beautiful portrait out of a snapshot. I love that background, and your subjects are lovely also. Your granddaughter will be so pleased when she grows up to share such a lovely memento!

                  I see you're in S. Korea. My brother served there for a number of years while in the U. S. Army, and loved it.


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                    Living in South Korea has been a wonderful experience. My husband is a civilian contractor working for the Air Force. We have been here almost 2 years. There have been a few culture shocks, but that is to expected in any foreign country. The Koreans are a very gracious people. We have truly enjoyed being here.


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                      You did a beautiful job with taking a casual snapshot and turning it into a portrait to cherish.
                      May I ask you what water color plug in you used? I'd like to try your technique with some photos I have.
                      Welcome -I have learned an awful lot on this site and the folks are great.


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                        Paulette, I used Fo2pix plug-in. Here is the link.

                        Try it. I think you will love it.



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                          Hi Lynda!
                          Wow, that was a great fix! I like Vikki's too...this type of fix is what I like best about photoshop.
                          Lovely picture.


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                            I liked your fix. Would you mind posting the steps you took?

                            Thanks for all the great comments. I have really learned a lot in the short time I have been in this forum.



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                              Thanks Lynda and Jill.
                              I created a tutorial for this, (I like seeing the steps). It's at this address:

                              Sepia Option Tutorial

                              Lynda, if you'd rather I didn't use your photo, just say the word (although I think it's a really nice picture).



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