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  • Adding a star-filter

    I took some wedding photos this weekend and have a nice one of the unity candle lighting, but it's missing something... is there a way to fake-in a star filter effect to it? Tutorial appreciated. Thanks!

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    Not being familiar with a Unity Candle and not being entirely sure of the effect you wish to achieve, one method is to create a very thin ellipse on a new blank layer and fill it with white. Rotate it to angle it. Duplicate that layer and then rotate into opposite angle. Combine the two layers (ellipses) and then apply a gaussian blur just so the edges become far less defined. For a brighter light you leave this layer as 'normal' blending or for a more moody affect, you can set it to overlay or soft light. Position the crossed lights to where you think they are best set. For a brighter light, you may find adjusting the opacity of the layer is required.
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      You can try the following.

      1. Create a new layer and fill with white
      2. Create a layer mask on that layer
      3. Apply Render clouds to the layer mask
      4. Apply the mask to the layer
      5. Apply a Zoom Blur (Filter: Blur: Radial Blur: Zoom Blur)
      6. Create a layer mask and apply a circular gradient leaving only information in the center

      You'll have to play around with this but it might be a good start.

      Another option would be to just create a nice warm halo using a very light yellow/orange circle on a separate layer. If you blur the circle slightly and reduce the opacity it'll give a nice halo look. You can also create a layer mask and apply a circular gradient to reduce the opacity of the center of the circle.

      Hope it helps.


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        or you could use the starburst thing in psp.



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          You can also mess around with the ever-popular and often overused lens flare (filter: render: lens flare) Just make sure your image is RGB.


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            There are 10-15 star-light and sparkle brushes on the adobe studio exchange for photoshop. Some are photoshop actions and some are photoshop brushes.

            You can create professional looking glints and glows any size. color or orientation. The downloads are free, but you have to provide an e-mail address to register first.


            Goto photoshop - brushes - or actions - and type in glint, glow, star, starburst etc.



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