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  • Favorite Restoration Projects

    What type of photo restoration your favorite to do. Example: My favorite type of restoration is bringing out faded details. It's a lot like Christmas morning because you never know what will come out of it. I had a client that once we brought out all the detail we could see that the thing hanging on the wall was a calendar with a Cinderella type of carriage on it and it looked like it said '07. Some people enjoy piecing photos back together again, some prefer fixing babies. I know that the ones I enjoy more are much easier to me because I don't get as stressed out over them. Also wondering if you tend to like a certain time period more. I only have a limited amount of options so if you could post your favorite time period that would be fine. My favorite time period is around 1940. The worst ones are from the 70's. Ick!
    Bringing back faded photos
    Removing scratches
    Removing color casts
    Piecing a torn photo back together
    Filling in a missing portion
    Water Damaged Photos
    Burnt Photos
    Restoring Documents
    Other type not mentioned here
    I don't have a favorite

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    My vote goes to all of them mixed in to one job
    I can't say I have a favorite, but I do like working on what some people would call unrestoreable . I'm traveling to Birmingham tomorrow to collect one of these from a client. It's a 10x8 in about 10 sections after tearing on folds in the photo I've set aside 2 full days to do this in, and will be hand delivering it back on Tuesday. Will be an expensive job, but the client has been turned away by others because of the condition of the paper.


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      Hmmmm may have someone to send you lol. Then again you may hate me afterwards HAHA.


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        I've had that said to me a few times. I can't always fix really bad ones up as new, but sometimes an improvement on what they have is all they want.
        This one I'm picking up just needs putting back together and the joins cleaning up, then a standard retsore of the image. Priced this one up at a rate of £8 per hour + travel and media costs (10x8 print + CD).
        It's a very important image for the client (thats why I'm collecting it in person), but this is one of many that will be coming my way .


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          For me the issue is not so much how the damage was done or even how damaged he picture is....I do a lot of this just for fun with pictures of people I don’t even know. The thing that makes it fun is the subject. Bringing back a great picture is what I enjoy! (You can have a look at some of what I think are great photos on my web site at

          Bill Fields


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            Don't really have a favourite as such.

            I guess any that don't cause me to tear out any more of my dwindling supply of hair, whilst still giving me the warm glow that comes from overcoming a series of apparently insurmountable difficulties.

            If that sounds a bit woolly, it's because I don't have an exact answer, it depends on what I'm doing and how I'm feeling at the time.

            Sometimes it's a really simple adjustment that just brings a picture to life, and sometimes it's a long drawn out struggle that at long last looks something like what I'd imagined it would when I started.



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              I really like those images where there's too much distraction or not enough information in the background and it needs to be "redone". Often, I just make what exists work or import a new background, but I love the challenge of recreating the background digitally and making it look as though it was there to begin with.

              The file I've attached is an example of what I'm talking about. The original image is a friend's mother singing at her prom. The original was missing and this scan was all that she thought existed (she later found the original and told me to "forget" it). I liked the atmosphere, but the image was badly artifacted from being e-mailed and re-saved, so the background was in ruin. Everything in the end product was created digitally, and I think the result was not too bad - although it was no longer quite the same "prom picture".
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                I enjoy "bringing back" photos with torn bits, missing parts, creases going through them, etc. The other work is just fine too... it's part of the game. I guess I mostly enjoy the look on people's faces when I hand over the restored version of their photos.


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                  The ones I like the best is when a client (usually a family member or friend) comes to me and says "you probably cant do any thing with this" , then to see the look on their faces after its done. but I do have to agree with Twinkissed that pictures from the seveties or almost any older polaroid pics are ick!!


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                    Dont mind at all doing, Or trying to restore photo I will have a go at anything
                    at all, I am now teaching myself PS 8 Still using a couple days dont see diffrence from P,Impact tools EXT.. Is there any differance? I love PSP and PhotoImpact. Guess it';s what you feel comfortable with what do you say?



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                      My thinking in this work is...

             remain true to the original and to make the owner of the photo happy. I don't try to re-invent the photo artistically or apply my own vision to it. I just try to make it look as if it once was. Thank you.


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                        I call myself 'details-aholic' ... whenever I get even the faintest 'scent' of details I just put my nose to the ground (well ... on my monitor ) and turn into a bloodhound ....

                        Like Joe, I like to
                        ... remain true to the original and to make the owner of the photo happy. I don't try to re-invent the photo artistically or apply my own vision to it. I just try to make it look as if it once was
                        .... I also like to remove colours casts and, generally, restore the 'original' colour as much as possible.

                        I also like piecing a torn photo back together and, like Gary, I like
                        ...the warm glow that comes from overcoming a series of apparently insurmountable difficulties.
                        P.S. .... Bill and Jason ... I had a look at your work .... Simply fantastic .... Bill, I just love your colouring!!!!
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                          background changes

                          Like JayNads, I really get a kick out of doing a total background makeover on photos like "grandma (insert eastern european name here)'s wedding photo where if you look through the window behind the couple, you could see the kitchen folks butchering the pig in the backyard" kind of thing.
                          But there are times when I prefer to stick to reality and just do my best to restore a photo as true to it's original as I possibly can.
                          I also love fixing torn and scratched photos.