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    Hi !
    I have this time problem, I don't seem to get as much time as I would like, for retouching and restoration.
    I know it depends, but I'm curious about the time you guys approximately spending (or allow you to spend) on the average, on each restore or retouch.
    When it comes to me, I can spend up to 12 active hours on a single photo (that means about a week totally).

    */ Lazze_Gurra

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    depends a lot on the image being worked on, of course. i've spent as little as a few minutes to as long as a few weeks on some old tintypes or contests.



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      I know what you mean. I don't really have an average though. I know my time, to me, is way too long but that's because I'm the type to zoom way in and try to get every little tiny itsy bitsy detail that usually the customer can never tell I did anyways but I feel better "just in case". I wish I could get to a more confident point where I know a minor will take a certain amount of time and an extreme would take an average of "X" amount of hours. I would say extremes are taking me around 8-11 hours (I'm guessing) because I stop, go back to work, stop, etc. If I work on one too long consecutively I drive myself insane, hate everything I've done, and start over. Like I said I'm guessing though.


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        For me, it's along the same line as Kraellin. It really varies a lot depending on the photos. I sometimes catch myself going way overboard (timewise) when it's a photo that I really like.


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          As others have already said, it depends on the image.

          I rarely work on any single piece for longer than 1 hour at a time, as I find my objectivity starts to fail. Better to leave it, and come back with "fresh" eyes. Obviously for difficult jobs, it is broken up into several 1 hour sections.

          For simple jobs I'm quite a quick worker, and rarely spend more than about 30 mins.


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            On a beauty image (just a face shot) I usually spend about 3 to 5 hours - depending on the model's skin.


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