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[Definition] Photo Restoration

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  • [Definition] Photo Restoration

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    any takers??


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      1. To bring back to an original condition: restore a photo.


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        1. To repair damaged or deteriorated images in digital form, while not altering the subject or composition of the image.

        2. To reconstruct a damaged or deteriorated image to represent an undistorted reproduction of an original as accurately and faithfully as possible, while not correcting original imperfections, or making improvements to the original.


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          To bring back to an original condition.
          But seeing as we've never actually seen the original we can only really bring it back to what we believe was the original. So maybe we've got ourselves another "umbrella" term....

          Somewhere along the line we're going to mention "archival" restoriation where absolutely nothing can be added.
          But what's a good name for a "normal" restoration where we clone bits that we are certain(?) existed in the original. e.g. a missing foot.


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            As I read others' definitions here I keep going back to this link from a previous thread:


            I interpret that even cloning in a missing foot is allowable in "archival" restoration if it can be determined that there would have been one there in the original. Therefore, it should be acceptable in normal restoration.

            However, making scuffed boots look new and polished would not be acceptable!

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              Originally posted by byRo
              But what's a good name for a "normal" restoration where we clone bits that we are certain(?) existed in the original. e.g. a missing foot.

              Just throwing out a couple of names that come to mind;
              Artistic Restoration
              Studio Restoration, or even
              Nonarchival Restoration, although these would all still be umbrella terms I suppose.
              Just my 2 cents worth



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                Thanks MaryLynn, I'd been looking for that link.

                Reads a bit like legal small print stuff (where else would you see "happenstance"?), but they do seem to have everything covered quite well.

                Shame they didn't do such a thorough job with "Retouching", could have helped at the "Retouch" thread.


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