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  • Digital Ice, plug ins

    I have a bunch of photos I need to fix for a customer. They all have the same problems. I used curves, levels, all the standard stuff. I haven't done restoration for a while and am a bit rusty. I really want a scanner with Digital Ice, but I want it for photos and slides. The research I did turned up scanners that only use the Digital Ice for one or the other even if it scans both. Anyone using this?

    I downloaded the trial versions of Digital ROC, Digital GEM and Digital SHO. They seem to work well and quickly (key word, QUICKLY). I need to get these photos done fast. I don't like the price tag of $99 each (the pro versions work better). Does anyone use these filters? Are they worth the money or should I keep trying and set up an action for these photos?

    They will be printed on a digital press and bound in a book. Any suggestions would be most helpful.
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    Photo Restore

    Well I don't know how much time you want to spend per photo but to correct the magenta cast and color I used a levels adjustment layer and used the white eyedropper on the boy's shirt near his neck and the black eyedropper on the black kettle near the fireplace. I then sharpened the image. I just used these two steps. More could be done if you have the time.
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      Re: Digital Ice, plug ins

      You can do better with the level adjustment as shown by Philbach.
      This is run thru Digital Roc Pro ( color correct default) it can be further tuned.. but I don't think its anything that can be done in Level Adju or Curves using the eyedropper..

      The Digital Gem (to reduce noise is very good) personally i like Portaiture more but the Digital Gem is very good.
      Like most plugins they works great on some images, not at all on others..most things can be done just as well or better using the native PS tools.

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        Re: Digital Ice, plug ins

        It's all a question of how much time you wish to spend. The rendition below is simply manipulating curves in PSCS. It could be better with a higher resolution original and some time spent masking and adjusting curve adjustment layers.

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          Re: Digital Ice, plug ins

          Levels only (just for comparison purpose)
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            Re: Digital Ice, plug ins

            Hi, I started with a quick channel mix and took the magenta out that way. I like that best because I really don't lose any information that way. then levels one channel at a time. Then a contrast boost with unsharp mask. And finally the smart sharpen just a tiny bit. At the end I noticed a little blue cast so I through in a sepia filter. Then I had to shrink it to upload it, oops.
            By the way, that was my first post, good to be here and Hi all.
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              Re: Digital Ice, plug ins

              Maybe try this freebie from here

              This example is using the default preset one touch button called "fix" from recall
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                Re: Digital Ice, plug ins

                I know I'm probably on over kill but I was looking through this forum with some free time- and found this picture.

                I did a curves adjustment, then a variations on a duplicated bg copy to take the red out, a high pass filter *overlay* set at 100- I'm sure I could have gone in and played with the filters- but I could spend hours doing that LOL so I just did the basics- I finished with the shadow/highlight adjustment because I wanted more detail in the background. It looks a little red still, but their faces arent overly pink and its a red brick background so I left it
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