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    Not afraid to try loading, Action arrow to Load Action - then what, am very novice in this. Have file in Winzip form when double clicked it opened to PS but I don't know where it is. Please help. :o

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    If it doesn't show, then I would go to start - find and search for these files *.atn

    Be sure to include the asterisk.

    That should show you all your action files and you can check in properties where they are.



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      De-Crack .atn

      Thank you Sharon - actually I had done that and all I can find are the normal atn files (Default Actions, Commands, Frames, Image effects, Productions, Text Effects and Textures) I'm afraid I don't understand how to use what I have (in Actions)and the book is not very helpful for me. But, I will try again. It would be nice to know it (De-Crack) was in there even if I can't use it yet as I get several people bringing me really crackly pictures and I don't like to blur gaussian that much in order to clone them back in shape. Really appreciate your response...Gail


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        Welcom aboard. Even if you don't use the De-Crack action, there is a tutorial to do it manually in the tutorial section of this site. I have used the action and it works great. I have Photoshop 6 but I believe Tim added a download version for 5.5 also.
        If you have more troubles with using the actions let us know and maybe we can help you out.


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          DeCrack Download

          The problem seems to be that I don't know how to get the WinZip .atn file loaded into PS actions. I have tried to unzip it where it is and it opens PS but then it is where? I have Eisman book and haven't really learned how to use any actions yet, let alone download one...but I have pictures that are very crackled and can't be cloned so I've used gaussian blur. I would like to get Decrack in....and the tutorial is good and I think I understand it somewhat, but I don't know the steps to load it into Actions. I did the arrow, load action. I just went into PS to describe the steps I took but I can not locate the download for DeCrack... maybe I just thought I downloaded it as I believed one time I had saved it to the desktop but it's not there (I know I deleted one because I was frustrated - then when I tried to download it again off the tutorial site, it just runs and runs and never finishes loading...whereas before I thought it gave me the option to save it as a WinZip file...I must've been dreaming. So, frustration is setting in, but I'm not ready to give up. I will try to download again and see what happens...or doesn't happen. Is there any other way to get the file? I have DSL right now so it isn't my computers ability. Really glad you share your insights. This is a really nice site. I've read some of the other comments and ideas and I think I will enjoy growing and sharing some of the pics I've finished as I'm told they are very good. Thanks again. Gail


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            More De-crack loading info

            I went back to the tutorial and asked to open the file - WinZip came up and I agreed and it took me to PS, like before. Then I asked to Save As - and have it in a file (zipped yet). I don't get it - how to put it into the actions (load actions) files. I try to load it out of the file to Actions and it doesn't show up as a subfolder. And, like I said, when I unzip it it just opens up PS and I don't know what that means or where it is. Send more help. Thanks, Gail


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              Use Winzip to extract the ATN file to wherever you want it to go (the folder with the other ATN files might be a good place). Then open PS, make sure the actions pallette is showing, and click on the little right-pointing triangle located in the upper right corner of the actions pallette. One of the options will be "load actions...". Click that, and point it to the newly extracted ATN file, wherever you put it. Click "OK" and it should be available from this point forward.
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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                It seems as if your problem is in working with zipped files. If you want, I could send you the unzipped form of the file. Then all you would have to do is Save to file and locate Program Files > Adobe > Photoshop 6 > Actions and just save it in that file. then follow Dougs instructions to load it. You can e-mail me here and include your e-mail address so I can return it directly.
                It's the least I can do for a fellow Michigander. Even though I'm a displaced one.


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                  DJ - is there any place you haven't lived?
                  Learn by teaching
                  Take responsibility for learning


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                    Doug & DJ: Thanks for your advice...Hope you two are making nice. I appreciate the offer to send the unzipped file, my computer breakdown seems to have affected more areas than I was aware of...have a few glitches - like lost left pane in my explore so I have to open two folders and then each one has to open a new window to show subfolders,etc. Trying to work it out with MS...but I haven't had any problems with PS yet, so I'm assuming it's in the Op Sys '98 - I lost or messed up some of my registry. I am dangerous.


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                      On the right road

                      Just a quick thanks to everyone for the suggestions on downloading decrack...I had a version that was temporary of Winzip and that is why I couldn't get the file. Now that I have it, what I am going to do with it is a puzzlement. I can get my pic to look like the tutorial, but I'm not far enough to understand why I would want it to be that blurred, so it must have something to do with layers. I will continue on my journey. Special thanks to DJ for all the patient efforts. I'll be in touch.


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                        You are welcome Gail. Glad to feel needed.


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                          Decrack Success

                          Thanks to everyone who bore with me til I figured out this DeCrack stuff - like I think Doug said, it was a zip problem and once that was cleared up AND with DJ's tremendous help and Doug's tutorial (of Tim's process) took me off and flying. I will work on my crackly files and then hope I can figure out how to download them to share with you.

                          Also, I was enthralled with going back through the threads and didn't get all the way back but found some very interesting stuff. Will my cookies tell me where the furthest page was and can I use them to get back to those sites. Then the most current entries is just starting at the retouch site? I was notified I had a current response from DJ in my email, but the link said it was an error.

                          BIG TIME THANKS........Love the process....Gail
                          Was back to the hair removal, etc. pages - fascinating!!!


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                            I did reply to a thread you started a few days ago but I don't know what happened to it or why you got an error message.

                            If you want to revisit certain threads, the best thing to do is to bookmark them into your favorites or you may have trouble finding them again. Since you got a message saying I resonded to your thread, you should get e-mail for any thread you post to whenever anyone responds to them.

                            At any rate, I was glad to help and I'm happy all is working for you. This is the first place I turn to when I need help. Everyone is so nice.


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