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How do I fix Fading?

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  • How do I fix Fading?

    Hopefully the sample of the fading will work this time.

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    This one is recoverable but not with out a lot of hard work. Your worst area is the lower right corner where the details of her dark dress is totally gone. You might be able to paste in a new dress from ther arm down that gives enough detail to represent the lines of a skirt and sleeve. As for the damaged background, I would probably replace it with a soft smokey backdrop similar to what is there. You can clone out the specks in their clothes and faces. Either way, it's a tough one.


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      Better late than never?

      I just came across this post. I know it's been here longer than I have but I thought the picture was kind of a neat project so I thought I'd see what could be done with it.

      All I did was do a copy & move cleanup to the background (see tutorials). I saved my selection and repeated it about 5-10 times and then added some texture. Then, I ran the decrack action. After that I ran the Smart Duster action.

      Last, I did a snapshot and did dust & scratches with the history brush and a little tiny bit of cloning.

      This is a pretty rough idea of how it might look, but I think with a little more time it might actually look ok...
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        Looks great Jak. Better than I got.


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          girls - Fading

          Jakaleena - Better late than never is fine, I really like what you did - I'll have to check out the tutorial. I did a lot of cloning and forgot about extracting and am still having trouble with it. Thought you might enjoy seeing what I ended up with in comparison. I spent waaaaaaay tooo much time on this and I'm so novice that I freeze and do it the hard way vs. should back up and learn the tutorials and then go on. Having a hard time on another one where the extracting is not leaving the foreground feathered enough due to too close color background in one area and too much light on head-hair tops in another. Is there a different thread for this type problem or are the tutorials the best?

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            Gail -- looks excellent! Time very well spent.


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              Re: girls - Fading

              Originally posted by gbdurfee
              Having a hard time on another one where the extracting is not leaving the foreground feathered enough due to too close color background in one area and too much light on head-hair tops in another.
              I really like what you did with it, especially the oval vignette.

              I'd like to see the one you're having trouble with. Maybe you could start a thread on it over in the Critiques/Opinions/Help Requested area. Maybe it will generate another idea for a new tutorial...


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                I agree with Jak, that oval frame is so perfect for that image. Looks like it was taken in the 1800s instead of the recent years. Very nice.

                You will find several Tutorials that are very unique and so educational that were done just recently by Jak. She is really adding some great stuff to this site and well worth checking out. That's not to over look the other fantastic tuts either.


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