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  • gbdurfee
    Back up

    Thanks Doug - I did think of that are so quick. This program must be a lot like an Instant Messenger. I appreciate it lots. Breadcrumbs on the top ages you doesn't it. Didn't they stop telling Hansel & Gretel awhile back Or is that a classic. Anyway, I couldn't find any other than the back button, which I should've used and then gone to sleep - perchance to revive my brain.

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  • Doug Nelson
    Just use your backup button, or click on the 'breadcrumbs' at the top (that line that shows which level you're on) or any other link or bookmark...basically, just leave the page any way you can

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  • gbdurfee
    started a topic Way out?

    Way out?

    P.S. If I hit this post button by mistake and end up here instead of on a new or previous thread, how do I get out of here without posting something?

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