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  • Label under spritz

    Hi Guys,

    I've gotta put a label under this spritz. I wondered if anyone could suggest how they would go about applying this spritz over the label?

    I've tried cutting the spritz out, then converting them to greyscale multiplying the shadows and screening the highlight. Just can't seem to get it.
    I know that once done i'll have to add some distortion under the water drops.

    Any tips guys?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but if it is, it was done by making a selection for each of the elements in the label and duplicating the original layer based on the selections. I then colorized each layer to the proper color and voila.
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      welcome to RP, tony.

      tricky. frankly, i'd be inclined to remove the spritz completely, add the label and then put the spritz back. and the way i thought of to put the spritz back is, take a piece of clear, very clean glass and spritz it. then take a picture of it. clean it up as needed and add it as a layer to the original image over the label.

      now, if all you have to work with is the photo editor and no camera and such, i'd put the label over the existing spritz. not sure what size we're talking about here, but it shld work. then you're going to have to find some spritz somewhere or make it.

      also, is this label going to have its own background or is it just text?

      also, do you want to shape the label to fit the contours of the image?

      ok, this is very crude, but i gave it a shot here. i made a white background label on the image. i didnt try to skew it at all like it shld be, but you can probably do that if desired. i made duplicate of this layer and set a mask to it as a hide all. i then unmasked just the part with the label plus a little extra to bleed the drops over across the label. i then used the Redfield plugin, 'Craquelure' to add the drops. et voila'.

      like i say, it's crude and could be done better, but this might lead you along some paths you havent tried yet.

      also, i had to compress this by 37% to fit on the forum, so it's probably going to look pretty poor.

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        Hi Kraellin and goose443, thanks for the welcome.

        Sorry, I may not have explained myself properly.
        I have to put a ketchup label under the spritz in the section of the image i posted earlier. It's primarily white, an uneven shape and has the usual logos on it. I've already rendered it in 3d to match the contours of the shape.

        I'm on a deadline! And don't really have time or the budget to get the
        spritz shot, besides, the original image I was given to work with wasn't the sharpest. Not sure if this will help or hinder me. Hopefully the previous.

        I've done something similar before but the spritz was much sharper and easier to select.



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          ok, see if this isnt a bit more to your liking.

          i used the label i made in the last image and put it on a new, blank raster layer above the background. with the opacity turned down a touch, i made a new selection on the background layer around where the label is. i made a new, blank raster layer. i control-c'd on the selection and pasted it into the new layer exactly over where it was taken from. i then desaturated this and brightened it a bit. i then moved the desaturated layer down between the label and the background layers. i changed the label layer to an overlay blend mode. on the middle layer, the copied selection desaturated, i made this a new group layer and added a brightness/contrast adjustment layer and adjusted this to taste ( 18 brightness and 16 contrast in this case). and done.

          again, i dont know exactly what you want as a final look but this may give you some ideas.

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            I think what I did is similar to what Craig did. I attached the layer palette because it's easier to show it than say it. At the bottom is the logo on a transparent field. If your logo is on an opaque field, you'll have to mask it.

            Then I have a curve layer--this will be used later to make the lighting of the logo match the lighting of the red ball.

            Above that is a layer group. At the bottom of the group is a high-pass-filter version of the original image--radius 20 pixels. Need a large enough radius to get all of the droplet details.

            Above that is another curve layer--this will be used later to make the blending of the droplets with the logo match the droplets elsewhere on the red ball.

            The blend mode of the group is set to linear light (the careful reader will notice I've borrowed from Ro's skin detexturizing tutorial--except here I'm adding texture (the spritz) instead of subtracting.)

            At the top is the original image with a logo mask to confine all of the adjustments below to the logo area.

            If your logo is fully saturated colors (as they often are), use "Curves 4" to tone things down a bit--ie., lower contrast or saturation as needed.

            The droplets might also look exaggerated, so use "Curves 3" to adjust the intensity of the droplets on the logo.

            I attached three different color logos. Once the curves are adjusted for one color, it looks good for any color, so a multi-colored logo shouldn't be a problem.

            I did this in Photoshop, but I'm really a PSP hack at heart. Linear light blend mode is doable in PSP if anybody is interested.

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              Hi Guys,

              Thanks for all your input.

              Bart, that looks like it could really work, however excuse my ignorance;
              I'm using Photoshop CS on Mac. I've followed your explanation thanks a mill.
              My question is; how do you create a 'curve' layer and then the 'Curves 4 / 3' thing?

              Hope you can help. Thanks again.



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                Thanks Phil,

                Although that creates a nice effect, I need the drops to look transparent over the coloured label. Bart's suggestion looks closest to what I'm after at the moment!

                Do you have any idea on the questions I posted about curves earlier?

                Thanks again Phil,



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                  Label under water

                  Here's my go, if you like i'll explain in detail...takes less than 2 min.
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                    Two minutes....Starting now!

                    Love to hear your explanation?



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                      And....they're off!

                      • Paste your logo onto the apple, position it how you'd like.

                      • Do whatever distort you like, in this case I did ripple.

                      • Double click on the layer in the layer's palette to bring up the "Layer Style" box

                      • at the very bottom, where it says "blend if" use the default gray

                      • Take the triangle* on the left where it says "Underlying Layer" and drag it to the right to you think it looks natural!

                      *hold option when dragging the triangle to split it into a more subtle effect.
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                        Hi Tony,

                        To create a curve layer (aka curve adjustment layer), go to the layer menu and choose "New Adjustment Layer->Curves...".

                        The "Curves 3" and "Curves 4" are just names that Photoshop assigned to the curve layers--they don't mean anything.

                        I was thinking about it this morning and it can be simplified a little bit. You can skip the high-pass-filter and just use a greyscaled version of the original in its place. This has the added benefit of having the logo change brightness with the ball.

                        The second simplification is you can use a levels adjustment layer instead of a curve adjustment layer.

                        Since I'm in a hurry at the moment, I just shrunk down my PSD file and uploaded it here:

                        You should just be able to open it, increase the pixel dimensions to what you need and paste your logo into the layer named "Logo Eg 3"; put your original image and the corresponding logo mask on the layer named "Orig + Logo Mask"; put a greyscaled version of your image in the layer named "Original Greyscale".

                        The sliders are probably already where they need to be, but if not, take a look at them and you'll see the modified sliders. Then move them around to see how they impact the appearance.

                        That PSD file will probably be there for at least several weeks.



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                          Label Under Spritz

                          •I copied the green channel and used threshold on it with level around 40
                          •I typed in the label over the background layer. Rasterized it and distorted it some.
                          •I turned the copied channel into a selection and copied the background layer into another layer. That copied layer I placed on top of the text layer and placed the blending mode to luminosity
                          •I selected the text layer. Selected the edges of the text about 5 pixels worth and copied that to a new layer and ran a ripple filter on it to roughen up the edges of the text.
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                            ok, had to have another go at this. i cheated on this one

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                              I actually thought your attempt from yesterday was very good as far as getting the label under the spritz.

                              I'm curious on this one, how did you get the water droplet effects on the label?



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