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    Hi, I am new to all this so I hope you can help I have been given some old photos and was wondering which photographic paper to use.
    I am using a inkjet, I live in Jersey C.I. so a website would sure help.



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    Welcome to RP. The type of paper you use may need to be dertermined by the type of Ink Jet printer. Some inks require specially matched papers for proper results, particularly if you are printing on glossy photo paper. You should start with what is recommended or specified by the manufacturer of the printer. Your local Photographic supply store likely carries an asortment of papers. Business supply stores like Business Depot also carry an assortment.
    Regards, Murray


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      Just my opinion-- but it always seems that old restoration photos look best on lustre (semi-gloss) or matte paper....the glossy just doesn't work for me on old photos. I agree with trying your printers brand of paper to get the closest match you can. I have an epson printer, and epson makes a huge variety of papers. The only thing better is to have a lab (local or online) print for you on the paper of your choice. I know Mpix or WHCC online will send out paper samples. It may be a bit of trial and error at first but once you find something that works, you can get more predictably good results. Best of luck--



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        Thank You

        Thanks For The Info


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          Try Moab Paper Company

          Moab Paper Company was ranked by NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) as having the best quality paper on the market today.


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