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  • A request for a mentor

    I am a high school senior and, as a requirement, am doing a senior project on digital manipulation. I have already written a research paper on how digital manipulation can effect photographic evidence in courts. For my project, I am currently planning to showcase different techniques that can be used for different purposes and how they are produced.

    I came to this sight and was curious if anyone would be willing to be my mentor for the project. All that it would require would be at least three meetings (can be done online) throughout the duration of the project. I was just browsing today and thought that this would be as good of a place to look for a mentor as any.

    If you would be able to help or would like more information, please post here or give me an e-mail.

    Patrick Emling

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    What is it that you need to know Mr. Emling.


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      Basically, just suggestions on the images that I produce really. I am just looking for someone to comment and possibly give advice.


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        I can do that for you.......As well as others in this forum. But let me tell you what I do with images. I'm a photographer, doing pictures for High School Seniors, family portraits, model portfolios. I incorporate the fashion poses into the high school senior sittings as well ( a lot of people ask me, how I get away with doing that...... Which I will not get into that here.), as doing portfolio work. BTW. Some of these models are H.S. Seniors. I n H.S. for that matter. A lot of times when printing shots of models, I'll do retouching and color correction for output for cmyk(magazines) and rgb(photographs) as well. I don't do restoration work. I don't get a lot of calls for it. And don't have that time to do it. Besides, the work I shoot(if it's for portfolio work or publication) are the images I work on for that output. The H.S. Seniors...... the lab handles.
        So. If you think I can give a fair comment and some advice, let me know.


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          I think you've made an excellent choice by choosing this site. There is a lot of talent, experience, and help to be found here.

          I'd be glad to help, if possible.
          I think it would help you, and everyone here if you can be as specific as possible, when making a request.

          So, go ahead a fire away.



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            I'm not sure if this would work for you or not, but could you post a photo, asking for comments/advice? As long as we know exactly what it is you're trying to achieve, I'm sure you'll get all the help you want from different perspectives.



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              Interesting topic for me. I'd like to join that party. Or you may contact me thru mail for cooperation.