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Request on a How To Enhance Saturation

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  • Request on a How To Enhance Saturation

    Hi all,

    I am using ULead Photoimpact 7 and was wondering if anyone knows how to make a picture so it has saturated color. Many photographers have used this effect in many of their wedding shots by using Highly Saturated Color Film (so I was told).

    An example of one of this picture is shown in the linked below:

    Can someone please advise me how to acheive this effect in Photoimpact 7 or anyone software? and if so how (step by step instruction would be appreciated)?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Best regards
    [email protected]

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    1. I can't see a photo at that link
    2. Almost all photo editing software has a control to increase saturation. I'm not a PhotoImpact user, but we do have some here. I'm sure it has this control. Try searching the helpfile for 'saturation'.
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      Welcome to the site. I was not able to get the link to display a photo. If you could post the photo here, that would be better so people in the future could see the image in question. Links die, but one posted on this forum will be around for quite some time. To make an attachment, look a little above the "submit reply" button. That is where you put your attachment, but be aware of the file size, as indicated below "Attach file".



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        I don't know why the link is not working if I click directly on the link, but if I copy and paste the link to another window, it would work.Posting the link again... please re-try

        I found a similar photo on a Photographer site: link
        It's the bottom right photo that shows the effect.

        Thank you in advance.


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          The link still doesn't work. You may have to try uploading it here. Below your Post Reply, you will see Attach file, you can browse your file to upload a Jpeg about 100 kb in size. You may have to resize a copy of the image.


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            DJ, I did get the link to work by highlighting it, copying, then pasting into my browser window (as oppsed to just clicking on it.) However, it would still be great if you could attach the photo as DJ suggested, Anon. That way it will be here when others read the thread in the future and are trying to figure out what you're referring to.

            Now that I've seen the photo, I don't think the effect is difficult to achieve. Anon, I'm not familiar with PhotoImpact 7, but like Doug said earlier, you should have a tool for adjusting the saturation. Search Help for "saturation" and let us know what you find. In Photoshop, it is found under Image->Adjust->Hue/Saturation...

            After you have found the correct tool, just turn the saturation way up until you find a result that you like. In Photoshop, my guess is that it would be around +30 to +40 (out of a possible 100). You may have to be selective though, because if there is any red at all in the skin tones, that will be greatly exaggerated. (In which case, I would select the skin tones adjust the saturation in them separately from the rest of the photo.)

            I've attached an example of this technique applied to one of the photos in my files. (The top one looks "normal" when not viewed next to the over saturated one, but looks very flat next to it!) All I did was apply a saturation of +40 to the entire photo.

            Hope this helps,
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              I have PI 5.0, but I suspect 5.0/7.0 are similar...

              Have you found/tried the HUE & SATURATION... option under the FORMAT menu?

              FYI: I, too, am unable to see the "reposted" pic at the original site. I was able to see the page for the 2nd site you listed.

              As previously suggested, you might try attaching your pic to the forum posting. See "Attach file" at bottom of screen when posting a reply.


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                Thank you for all the suggestions so far.

                I have now attached the file as an attachment so you can see what I mean.

                By the way, I don't know why, but I can click on the link and it takes me to the photo on the net. Strange.
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                  Hi all,

                  I think I just found the setting in PI7. It's called 'Tone Map' and can be found under [Format] then [Tone Map].

                  I have attached a picture to show what I mean.

                  Thank you for all your help so far and I am really glad to have found this forum.

                  I am interest in Wedding and Children photography a lot and planning to get a Digital Camera very soon so I can play with it : )

                  Best Regards
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                    Glad to help... it was fun.

                    If I'm not mistaken I believe the PhotoImpact "tonemap" function is similar in concept to Photoshop's "curves" function.

                    Results are somewhat the same; just a different interface / implementation enabling one to manipulate channels individually or en mass.

                    File this 'valuable' bit of trivia away. There will be a future quiz!


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                      Yes, very similar concept/function. As you have mentioned before, the Hue/Saturation function in PI also can produce the same effect if the setting is right.

                      Thank you all once again.


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                        Anon, Glad you found what you were looking for. I have to agree with Danny - it looks like the tone map is the equivalent of Photoshop's curves. And if I'm reading your settings correctly, it seems like mostly what you did is increase the contrast - though it does look more saturated as well, so perhaps I don't completely understand the tone map. In any case, I'm glad we could help. Hope you stick around!



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                          I use this method to enhance the saturation:
                          Duplicate your layer
                          On the duplicate layer, increase the saturation quite a bit.
                          On the same layer, add a little bit of Gaussian Blur.
                          Now set your layer blend mode to COLOR, and adjust the OPACITY slider to your liking.
                          I find that this works pretty well, but I prefer less saturation in the reds, so I go back and decrease the saturation in just the reds, until I like it.


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                            Hi Vikki,

                            Love your suggestion. I have a bunch of wedding pictures that I have been fooling around with. It was a rather over cast day and sheer luck... the sun came out. I worked with saturation and with levels adjustment - but what you said about the red was soooo right! Another handy tip! I've attached a before and after of a wedding shot in which I used your technique.

                            Boy this is fun!

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                              Much more vibrant color!
                              Glad you like it. I love these simple, but powerful ones. I only have a few actions that I use regularly, and this is one of them.


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