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photos stuck together


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    Photos Stick together.... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
    by mgolmeda

    First of all I will thank all the help I can received with my situation.
    I have my kids baby photos stick together. They stock together I think since 3 month ago but I dicovered yesterday. They got wet really wet. They were in a plastic box some of them were in a scrapbook...
    01-24-2008, 07:46 PM
  • DivineMrsM
    HELP! Photos stuck together
    by DivineMrsM
    Hi all - I'm brand new here and know zilch about photography. I had a box of 200 photos stolen from me 10 years ago and had them (miraculously) returned to me today.
    There is water damage and what looks like hornets nesting in the box. Photos are stuck together - front to back - in clumps of...
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    I'm new to all this so bear with me if it's been discussed before. I have some shots of old Victorian houses that I have taken from the public right of way. I was thinking of printing up a few, framing them and try to sell them in a local consignment art store.

    The photos have been...
    10-29-2010, 03:40 PM
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    Flood damaged photos...Good advice??????
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    Hi Everyone,

    As I am sure you may have heard, many parts of Australia are currently under water. There is a message being circulated on Facebook advising people with flood damaged photos to immerse them in clean, fresh water and keep them wet until they can have them copied at a local...
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  • brucewsr
    burnt stuck photos
    by brucewsr
    hello , my name is brucewsr,and im looking for help or advice on seperating stacks of photos, that come out of my home that burned down last aug. some peeled apart, but most tear, some i tried soaking in tap water,can someone offer me some advice on how to separate them please, thank GOD my family got...
    10-24-2010, 11:09 AM
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  • photos stuck together

    Hi -
    I have just registered. I need help.
    I have several vintage family photos - some about 100 years old. They became moist and they are now stuck together.
    Can I separate them myself, or should I take them to a person who specializes in photo restoration?
    I have read that they can be soaked in warm water and that they will come apart. I am afraid of ruining them completely.
    thanks for you help/suggestions,

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    Hmmm...old, fragile (and no doubt irreplacable) photos... definitely get an expert to look at them. If the photos are important to you, the risk of damaging them is just not worth it.


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      I think I would call my local art museum. Most large museums have resident art restoration experts. All of them that I have talked to are more than willing to give you free expert advice.


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        Re: photos stuck together

        jotee, welcome to RP.

        you might check out this thread: pay particular attention to the one that talks about photos taken before about 1930.