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Realistic Clouds?

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  • Realistic Clouds?

    I've seen a few people add clouds to their background that look pretty realistic. One example is on DJ's page in a picture titled "Muscles". I've tried to duplicate the effect, but have had no luck.

    Anyone want to let me in on the secret?


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    Hey Jak
    I love to say I had some magic technique in that photo but I actually just painted them in. And here I was wondering what I could do to make them look more real. Thanks
    I have been trying to take pictures of cloudy skys to use as inserts for future situations. Also there is a plug in that offers a sky maker but it's pretty pricey. It's KPT 6 and you can find it here It's got alot of filters in this bundle, one of which is SkyEffects but at $149 I think it's a bit much personally.


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      DJ - You painted those clouds?? Wow!

      Jak - I have a small folder of sky photos which I've taken myself which I use whenever I want to add clouds to a sky. (Colorado has some GREAT skies!! ) I simply replace the entire sky in the original photo rather than try to "paint in" the clouds. It can be really tricky if there is a lot of fine detail (like leaves/branches) that the sky shows through, so sometimes I have to fade the new sky more than I'd like so that the fringing from the original photo isn't visible. Usually, if I'm replacing a plain, flat sky (and I don't want to change the tone of the photo too much), I just use a sky with high cirrus clouds. You can make clouds look more "wispy" if you enlarge the sky photo your using for the replacement - that also gives me more leeway as I move it around to make the placement of the clouds vs. blue sky blend in best with the original photo.

      I've never tried painting clouds - I just save my photos with lots of sky (even if the photo itself is otherwise no good). The other day I even turned a dark cloudy sky into a blue sky with wispy clouds just by increasing the saturation so that the dark gray turned blue - I was amazed!! (I still have no idea what gave me the idea to even try it - I must have been desperate.)



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        I shamelessly cheat using Kai's Power Tools...version 6, I think. You tell it the time of day, what direction you're facing, where the horizon is, what the weather is like, and the focal length of the lens, hit 'ok' and come back a half hour later and it has a photo-realistic sky. It can even put in a sun or a moon.
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          Try this link:



          Stephen Marsh.


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            Hey, that looks pretty good. Thanks Stephen. And the best thing is it doesn't cost alot of money.


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              Re: Realistic Clouds?

              [QUOTE]Originally posted by Jakaleena
              I've seen a few people add clouds to their background that look pretty realistic. One example is on DJ's page in a picture titled "Muscles". I've tried to duplicate the effect, but have had no luck.

              Anyone want to let me in on the secret?


              There is a small app named Mu Ra's Meister cloud that does a quite good job of making fake clouds. It can use colors you choose to do the job, which means.....sunsets, cloudy, sunny, whatever. It should be easy to find a demo or freeware. If you want it and can't find it, I will give it to you.


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                Thanks Greg! I'll look around for it.

                If I can't find it, I'll take you up on that offer.


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