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Picture Rising into another picture???

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  • Picture Rising into another picture???

    About a year ago I saw a picture in Photography magazine which won a contest they had for amateurs.

    The picture was of a cliff setting dropping into the ocean.

    You could see the cliff as clear as day, but then you could see a picture of an indian within the cliff. It was a very odd effect that I would love to learn how to do.

    It was as if the part of the picture with the indian had been "raised up" somehow. No color, etc., of the indian picture showed, but you could clearly see his impression in the cliff.

    If any remembers this photograph, or can relate to what I am trying to describe, please let me know. I am almost positive it has something to do with a total layer mask and multiple layers; beyond that, I am a novice.

    Thank You,

    Kenneth S. Coxie
    [email protected]net (replace fishnet with .net)

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    Sounds fascinating. Wish you could point us to where it would be located. Would love to see exactly what you are describing. I would imagine layer masks for sure and even blend modes.


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      Kevin, This sounds fascinating, though I have to admit that I'm not quite sure I understand what you're trying to describe. Did it ook like the face of the cliff was "molded" around the Indian's facial features? If so, I'm guessing the displacement filter (at least that's what its called in Photoshop) was used at some point in the process.

      Just in case this is what you mean, here are a couple tutorials on the effects you can achieve with the displacement filter. Perhaps one of the examples will be close to what you're trying to describe?

      Displace Filter in Depth

      This one's in French, but I think the examples at the bottom are similar to what you're talking about?
      Wrapping an object

      I'll keep looking for others. I distinctly remember a tutorial where someone "wrapped" money around someone's face, but I just can't find it...