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  • 12x36 scan

    I am trying to get an image scanned to my computer. The size is approx. 12 inches by 36 inches. I have tried every which way of scanning separate parts of the image, but to no avail. If any of you know of a service that can do this, or a way I can do it my self, that would be totally awesome!
    Would I be better taking photos of it with my D50 and going that way?

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    Re: 12x36 scan

    Both methods should work. Taking a photo with your D50 would probably be fastest. Position the camera and focal length to maximize the lense's depth of field so that the outer edges of the poster are not blurred.

    You should also be able to scan the image in pieces and use Photoshop's "Photo Merge" feature or manual alignment to stitch the pieces together. I have done some large maps this way.

    Since you image is only 12 x 36, method 1 is probably the best way to go.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: 12x36 scan

      Hi cducasse

      Would I be better taking photos of it with my D50 and going that way
      That’s probably the easiest way but this method could give a higher res file

      Hope this Helps



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        Re: 12x36 scan

        You may also find a photographer who is capable of digitizing the piece in one pass at 300 DPI. I've had excellent results with Printvillage in Ft. Lauderdale (FL). I often have framed artwork that I need to capture and this is easiest for me.


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