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  • Restoration

    Hi people here you will see a photo of my sister and two of my brothers one of which sadly passed away 14 jan 2007 so i would appreciate any help with this photo,i have had some attempts with some result i look forward to your comments or help,many thanks.
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    Re: Restoration

    Hi Bobcat, sorry to here about your Brother. I'm going to start work on this but i did want to make a suggestion. If you have access to the origional you'll want to rescan it as a color picture and post it as an rgb image. Pictures are living creatures and they change color naturaly over time. This is not just yellowing from smog and such but also the natural process of the chemicals and paper used in developing. Sometimes cutting an image down to 256 shades of gray and eliminating millions of colors can delete a lot of image info as well even if the origional started out life as "black and white". Just a thought.


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      Re: Restoration

      This is a rough attempt; also I am not a professional retoucher and do this only for fun. I see that one person has already made a helpful suggestion. Used the clone tool, spot healing, healing, and patch tool. The crack went right through the little girll's mouth so I borrowed the little boy's mouth to her left. Did a levels adjustment. Did not sharpen well. A full size picture would no doubt turn out better. Tried Focus Magic but it resulted in too many artifacts.

      Please accept my condolences.

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        Re: Restoration

        just another shot at getting this picture restored for you. I used the patch tool for most of the cracks. A little cloning set to lighten and darken. ran through noise ninja. then used variations and added a slight sepia tone to it.
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          Re: Restoration

          Hi People,

          Many thanks for the posts,looking good,by the way i did have the original had to give it back to my other brother as it was his and i scanned it as a colour photo at 300 dpi if you want the original to work from or should i say a copy in its scanned state i can send it via email,anyway once again i thank you all for your attempts..cheers rob


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            Re: Restoration

            If you want to have it done professionally, we will restore this picture for $24.95. You can see some samoples of our work at

            I would recommend though to have the photo scanned at 300 dpi. Then you will be able to print it.


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              Re: Restoration


              please do not spam threads with professional advertising. there is a forum here (the classifieds forum) where you can advertise your services and are free to do so. but, please, leave the ads out of the other forums.

              if you wish to jump in and help on this forum or any other, you are welcome to do so. we are a peer to peer help/learning site and welcome contributions.


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                Re: Restoration

                I also would recommend scanning in color.

                I used the healing brushes and cloning
                I straightened out the photo
                I used a levels adjustment layer
                Selective sharpening using a layer mask
                I converted to RGB color mode and added a dash of sepia
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