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    Maybe you could post both an attachment (as we do now), and also put a link if someone would like to follow it. Doug has said before that he is not really in favor of links because they go to link heaven in due time. But I doubt if he would have a problem with it if the attachment were included to stay on this site. I probably shouldn't be talking for Doug, but that's my understanding of how he wants the site to be. I don't have a problem with links, but I think we need to respect his wishes at the same time.



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      Originally posted by G. Couch

      I was not trying to imply that! I think it's good to try and present your work in the clearest and most detailed form, but unfortunately, compromise is the nature of the beast. Most of my digital art is destined for a Giclee printer, so any representation of that work beyond the actual print is a compromise... I don't think Doug would appreciate me trying to upload a 350 mb PSD file!

      How do you post a psd?
      I like Giclee(funny name though) I have ambitions in that direction too. I do some of my stuff with a paper or canval bckgrnd to simulate it, and it doesn't look too bad on plain paper.
      350meg? How big is that 10' wide?
      Thanks for thoughtful reply.

      This is an interesting topic and there is no easy answer, since bandwidth is still a very limited thing. Like Jeanie, I have no problem using newsgroups to find an image, but as she mentioned, it's a temporary thing.