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  • Need Help And Advice...Please

    This is my current project....Its a picture of my wife and sister (wife on the right) thats over 30 yrs old and in decent shape.

    I have brought back alot of the color that was missing but the little "dirty spots" on the picture seem like they are going to be a up hill battle. Also looking to see what anyone else might think needs to be done. Just looking for a little help and alot of advice

    P.S. I have a much larger version. Twice the size.

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    Re: Need Help And Advice...Please

    Hi there

    I don't see any other way except healing brush and clonning . I used the freeware Image Analyzer to decrease the paper texture.

    Then just a lot of healing brush and clonning. I think with time and a higher res picture you can make it look a lot better.

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      Re: Need Help And Advice...Please

      This is my first night back here in about a year, and after a long break from using Photoshop.

      So I'm very rusty, but tried to unearth old techniques I've almost forgotten on this.

      I started out looking at the channels - they were all equally damaged so I switched to CMYK, where it seemed the yellow channel was the worst, so tried to repair that by copying from the other channels. Not sure how useful that was, because after that I largly used clone and heal set to either colour or lighten to remove the blotchiness. That alone may have been able to do the job. This one I think would just require a lot of patience and time.
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        Re: Need Help And Advice...Please

        This is my try. I am not a retoucher so my work flow usually leaves something to be desired. However, the picture does seem to be improved. Depending on the final output of the image selective sharpening (none done) would be a final step.
        -FFT filter to remove paper texture in original
        -Hue/Sat and lightened the yellow
        -Low opacity cloning
        -healing brush
        -history brush
        -patch tool

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          Re: Need Help And Advice...Please

          Omg!!! These are freakin awesome!!!

          @Daviskw What is this freeware image analyzer you speak of?...I tried some methods to decrease with little or no change.

          thanks guys for you time and la clone tool!!!


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            Re: Need Help And Advice...Please

            HERE is a link to the software


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              Re: Need Help And Advice...Please

              Had a quick go with this.

              Applied Polaroid D&S filter to each channel to reduce the brown spots, it's necessary to use History brush to paint back detail (particularly in red channel) because filter affects areas other than just the "brown" areas.

              Little cloning and colouring to rduce what's left.

              Have made no attempt to remove the texture on the picture.
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                Re: Need Help And Advice...Please

                Hi SonOfSane.

                Welcome to RetouchPro

                I used the Red Channel for the Luminosity as it was the cleanest
                Ran FFT on it
                Then put the colour back

                Dust and scratches (selective)
                Selective colour adjustments and levels adjustments

                There is still lots to do (replacing dolls feet etc) but it should be restorable.
                Hope this helps.

                Welcome back Caitlin

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