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Scanning a Convex, Oval Photo

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  • Scanning a Convex, Oval Photo

    Problem is to create a digital image so that one of those antique convex, oval portrait photos can be restored. See example in the attachment (not the photo in question).

    I have done these when already out of the frame and fattened, but I do not want to risk damaging the customer's photo by flattening on a scanner. Any ideas, sort of shooting a digital image with a camera? Has anyone tried scanning in quarters and stitching them back together (I've done halves, but not quarters).

    Thanks for your input.
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    Re: Scanning a Convex, Oval Photo

    I have done multiple sections and it has worked out quite well, but would much prefer to photograph the image as sometimes you find that a convex photo will be distored when you try to scan in sections, creating more work correction the distortion.
    Hopefully somebody else can help you
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      Re: Scanning a Convex, Oval Photo

      Sanda, thank you for the ideas. Your web site shows that you do great work.

      By the way, I tried to send this via the Retouch Pro web site but it came back as rejected. Address tried were [email protected] and when that did not work, [email protected]. Should these work?



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        Re: Scanning a Convex, Oval Photo

        sorry those email are no longer active, I will update my profile and send you a PM with the correct one.


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          Re: Scanning a Convex, Oval Photo

          I restored a large photo like this as well. There was a combination of the client not really wanting to part with the photo as well as the photo itself being curved. We decided we would try photographing the picture as best he could (he is a competent photographer) and it came out quite well. They were quiet pleased with the results over all.

          Photo needs to be the same as an initial scan, i.e., no adjustments, highest res possible, etc.


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            Re: Scanning a Convex, Oval Photo

            We have done many of these. There are some things to be aware of that will help:

            Use a camera with the highest resolution you can get. A SLR is easiest type to use.

            Make sure when you set it up that the back of the print and the back of the camera are parallel to each other and that the center of the print is in the center of the viewfinder. Sometime placing the print on the floor and the camera on a tripod looking down is easier.

            Make sure you use a DOF that will extend from the front to the back of the print.

            Lighting can be a bit tricky, you want it even on both sides!


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              Re: Scanning a Convex, Oval Photo

              Yep you gotta shoot these no way around it unless you flirt with breaking it.
              I have done hundreds over the years and no question about it, shoot it or have it shot and a DSLR works great.


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