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The Future? (...we might all be out of a job!)

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  • The Future? (...we might all be out of a job!)

    A friend of mine tipped me off to a rather interesting article in the May 11th Science News. I know...not the place one would expect to find news on photo restoration, but this is really an amazing article. science news

    Also check out some of the links at the bottom of the article...

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    Thanks Greg,

    What a totally fascinating article. My husband who has his PHD in Electrical engineering has told me over and over again that in the future they will be able to program software to "fill in the blanks" all based on algorithms.

    I've printed off the article for him




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      Your husband knew what he was talking about!

      Who knew differential equations could be so fun?!!


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        I'll believe it when I have the plugin installed
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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          While I've always thought software programs would become easier to use, I still gotta see it to believe it too. Very interesting link though.



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            Yes it all looks very impressive - but like Doug think I will also wait for the plugin cyas in 2020 folks


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              I don't imagine it'll be very long before they have it.
              In some ways, it will be sad, but a lot of folks will be over joyed. But I think, after a few months of making perfect w/c by pushing a button, it would get boring. I already got bored by the plugins and filters.
              Jasc is selling one, btw, that is pretty good called Virtual Paint.


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                As the software continues to improve, there will be more and more that can be done with " the push of a button", but as this occurs, so will the knowledge necessary to know what button to push, when to push it, in what order to push it and even IF to push short, I see the advances as more of a time saver for simple stuff rather than a replacement for skilled Retouching. The alogrithmns are amazing at what they can do, but they are dumb...they need a skilled individual to "play" them like a Harpist plucking out an ancient Irish ballad.....Tom


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                  Thanks for the interesting article Greg!
                  I definitely agree with tom. I'm sure when they get to that point it will make it many times easier to retouch/restore, but I think it'll still need a human at the controls and finishing things up to do an acceptable job of work.

                  - David