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Photo #1 restore with PSP8

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  • Photo #1 restore with PSP8

    I hope this one comes in clear enough to see where the problems are.

    I can retouch the scratches that show on the background. I need some help in figuring out how to repeat the background pattern where it is water damaged. As well there was some damage done to my sister's chin area (the red head) that is going to take some skin tone shading to fix.

    As I stated in my intro. I'm a newbie when it comes to using the PSP software. What have been able to figure out, through trial and error, is that I need to make layer after layer with each problem I address. I just need help in the "addressing" part .

    Annabelle (the baby in this picture)
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    Re: Photo #1 restore with PSP8

    tranquilsea, welcome to RP.

    what you want for both the chin and background is the clone brush. that's the good news. the bad news is that this often takes a bit of work to master. and the good news is, it can be mastered

    and you're right about layers. for clone work, it's always best to make a new, blank layer, set the clone brush to 'use all layers' and set your blank layer as the active layer (just click once on the layer to make it active).

    the common mistake when first starting to use clone is to set it at full opacity and try to do everything at once. it's much better to set it down to around 50% opacity to start for the worst areas and then lessen the opacity even more for fine work. smaller brush sizes are usually better than larger. overlapping each stroke or dab is also good in most cases. and work from all around the damaged area TO the area, drawing bits from all around tends to blend things in better. it's not always necessary, but you'll run into areas where it is.

    a good place to start practicing/working is on the background and remember, you can always undo or erase if you've done the work onto a blank layer.

    try a little bit out and post your results and i shld be able to help you refine things, if needed.


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      Re: Photo #1 restore with PSP8

      Just wanted to give this a try.

      -clone tool
      -healing brush


      Using Photoshop CS3
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        Re: Photo #1 restore with PSP8

        I think that Kraellin gave you very good information about cloning in his Post.

        In this photo one approach to restoring the damaged area of the background is to bring back and enhance the detail that is already there. In Photoshop you can do that with a "multiply layer" which adds more detail. Since a "multiply layer" effects the whole photo you have to mask out (cover up) the areas that you don't want to effect.

        There are also some areas of discoloration in the background and for that you can set the color of your paintbrush to the color of a non-discolored area of the background, and paint the discolored areas with that color. In Photoshop that is done with a "color layer" (which only effect the color of the photo) and you paint over the discolored areas.

        The overall photo is a little too bright so it needs more contrast. I added a Photoshop "curves layer" to darken and add more contrast to the photo.

        Finally I thought there was too much of a reddish/yellow cast to the photo so I reduced the saturation with a Photoshop "Hue/Saturation" layer.

        I hope that even though I have used Photoshop that what I am suggesting will help you in PSP.

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          Re: Photo #1 restore with PSP8

          Thanks for all the tips, now I'll get to work and post if I need more guidance.

          I just have to say, "I LOVE THE INTERNET". Ten years ago this would have been impossible to do on my own. Now I can do exactly what I want to and get awesome advice!