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Changing properties on Read-only files

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  • Jakaleena
    I always have to transfer mine to my hard drive and then uncheck read only and re-burn....

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  • jeaniesa

    Welcome to RetouchPRO!!

    Are you trying to change the read only attribute on your "original" RW CD? If so, make sure the CD is writable and not "closed to work in any CD player."

    Also, what OS are you running? Might be a problem in W2K or WXP with administrator vs. user capabilities, esp. if you wrote to the CD as administrator? (Just a guess, since I've been having fun figuring out the whole administrator/user thing in W2K over the past week.)


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  • Linda15
    started a topic Changing properties on Read-only files

    Changing properties on Read-only files

    After I have saved a file to a CD (rewritable) I am unable to move it to another CD, or even delete it as the response is
    "Read-only" file. I have attempted to change the properties and uncheck the "read-only" box; When I click on apply, an error message comes up with "Error applying attributes".....access denied.

    Any suggestions? Thank you!!!

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