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Find Fast Fourier Transform Filter v2.0 for Mac?

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  • Find Fast Fourier Transform Filter v2.0 for Mac?

    I have several old textured scanned photos. I want to follow `Using the FFT filter to remove photgraphic paper texture' tutorial but I can't find the FFT plugin, even after extensive searching Google and at the Adobe site at which it is listed... I'm using PS3.

    Can you help me find: Fast Fourier Transform Filter v2.0 for a Mac

    BTW I'm new here and so "Hello" to everyone


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    Re: Find Fast Fourier Transform Filter v2.0 for Mac?

    Hi PG.

    Welcome to Retouch Pro.

    The Alex Chirokov FFT filter is a Windows Only program and will not run on a Mac.

    Image J runs on any Java enables machine (including a Mac) and includes the FFT filter

    It's avalable here

    Hope this helps



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      Re: Find Fast Fourier Transform Filter v2.0 for Mac?

      Sure Does- thanks - PG


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