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Repairing shadows

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  • Repairing shadows

    I think all these tutorials are great. I'm having a big problem with shadows especially in large areas.Is there a tutorial on this? Is there a gerneral rule of thumb for this? Please help a person seeking knowledge on all aspects of Photoshop.

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    Can you post me a sample of what you're having problems with? Maybe I can come up with a Tut for you...


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      This is just one of the photos I'm having problems with. Altho it's not finished I'd like some help with the very dark shadows behind the beautifull lady. I need to do much more touch up before I submit this challange.
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        Hey Don,

        I did that challenge! Look on my notes and see it there's anything there that might help you. Let me know if you want me to come up with another possible way to deal with them...


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          Have a look here:

          Best price: free :-)
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