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New adobe photoshop question

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  • New adobe photoshop question

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum but it has been a while since I have done any restorations. I only assumed that Adobe would have a new version of Photoshop out by now. I currently use ver. 7.0. Is there any reason to look for a new version? I don't do anything fancy, I just do pretty basic repairs on some older photos. Appreciate any input. I do this as a part-time thing just to help friends and generate a little income to offset cost of paper and ink. Sure you all understand that. Thanks, John

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    Re: New adobe photoshop question

    Adobe has updated the program about 4 times since Version 7. Called CS3.
    And yes there are some major tools added to help with the minor repairs that
    you are probably doing that will make them a lot easier.



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      Re: New adobe photoshop question

      Hi Poppi,

      Chris is right, the newer versions have some very handy features.

      But if I was in your situation, I probably wouldn't be able to justify the enormous cost of upgrading.


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        Re: New adobe photoshop question

        It's a cost/benefit analysis which only you can do.

        I use PS7, and despite the lack of some of the facilities and tools that CS3 has, I can still get results sufficient to my need, albeit with a little more work sometimes.

        Personally my situation sounds similar to yours, and I just can't (or won't) justify the expense of upgrading for a few tools I may or may not use.


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          Re: New adobe photoshop question

          Replied earlier and it didn't post.. thanks for the input and I think for what I do ver. 7.0 is fine for now. Glad you folks are still out there to help me. thanks again for the response. John


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