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HighPass Sharpening.

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  • HighPass Sharpening.

    Yes we all know the Highpass method is probably the best but who came up with this tip??When ??
    Did someone go through all the filters and all the layer options to discover this method.

    Give them a medal

    Who was it??

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    Re: HighPass Sharpening.

    I think the first I saw published was about 1996 in Design Graphics Mag by I think Carl Stevens between issue 30 to 39 I won a subscrition and still have the mags somewhere.They did a follow up one in the Tips Book Design Graphics put out later in 2002 that was done by Colin Wood

    What happed to Design Graphics, that was a good mag?


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      Re: HighPass Sharpening.

      The other one I like is colour blur for reducing noise, artifacts.


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        Re: HighPass Sharpening.

        High Pass doesn't do anything different to Unsharp Mask's radius setting. It just allows you to see the edge highights before you apply the blend mode. Its one of the old "myths"to think that its better than that. Does allow you to seperate the lightened values from the darkened, but hardly anyone bothers to do this.

        The new Camera RAW (4.1) you can see this in action, by holding down the Option /alt key while changing the sharpening settings, you can see the edge sharpening as a greyscale. Its roughly that same as High Pass on an Overlay layer, merged with a copy and then changed to Luminosity mode on a 16 bit.

        Personally I don't like the idea of Photographers being allowed to do their own sharpening in RAW anyway. Cripes.


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          Re: HighPass Sharpening.

          Hi I am with you, although some photographers are pretty smart in PS most do a couple of courses and think they can do everything.
          Some of the work I do has been wrecked by poor retouching.
          Trouble is some of the photographers these days arent that good at Photography either...Just go out buy a camera and learn a bit of Photoshop.
          I would like to see them shoot tranny or neg.

          I like HighPass for sharpening you can do alot more adjusting etc.