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  • Damaged B&W Photo

    Had this one dropped off at the shop the other day. The little girl in the middle is my customer standing next to her father. The gentleman in the dark uniform on the far right is her uncle.

    The marks across the width of the photo are not scratches rather it appears a caustic substance was brushed across it that cleaned away some of the emulsion resulting in the silver reflecting where light hits it.

    It is a 3x4 photo scanned at 800 DPI and will be printed 5x7.

    A good discription of how you did it would be great. I am using this project as a training tool for a couple of new employees and would appreciate different approaches for them to explore.

    Have at it and have fun.

    Oh, and thanks y'all

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    Re: Damaged B&W Photo

    I think that's a Polaroid print, judging from the perforation on the left side, which would mean the streak is the result of incomplete coating. Not that makes the job any easier.



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      Re: Damaged B&W Photo

      You might get better results by scanning RGB.


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        Re: Damaged B&W Photo

        probably a levels or curves first to balance the lighting... too many highs here.

        then, clone, airbrush, push to remove the streaks.

        but i'm curious here, if YOU are training them, why are we doing the work and do we get paid for tutoring your employees when all done? (now dont take that seriously. i AM teasing )


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          Re: Damaged B&W Photo

          It might help if you posted this at the size of at least 100K. Larger is better to work on.


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            Re: Damaged B&W Photo

            Klassy, it is 100k

            Craig, I was going to pay you but didn't want to put you in a higher tax bracket.......

            Oh well, today is meeting day and I am going to introduce my training project. We are at a slow time of the year presently so my newbies have time to work on it each day. Hopefully I will have some results to post later this week.

            dkcoats, good call, it is indeed a Polaroid. I didn't catch that earlier.



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              Re: Damaged B&W Photo

              In this case I would avoid cloning or airbrushing (if possible). I would paint with "level" (probably multiple), that way you could preserve the original shades of gray.


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                Re: Damaged B&W Photo

                Alan, let us know how the class comes out?


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                  Re: Damaged B&W Photo

                  Craig, I was going to pay you but didn't want to put you in a higher tax bracket
                  well, i really wouldnt mind a little of that higher, rarefied air


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